LSU week continues for football

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The Arkansas football team continued to work on Wednesday afternoon inside Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium in preparation for Saturday’s season finale in Baton Rouge, La., against the LSU Tigers. The Razorbacks practiced for less than two hours as they continue to implement the game plan for the weekend. The following is a brief transcript of defensive coordinator Willy Robinson’s post-practice press conference.

About LSU’s Offense"They’re explosive. They have great athletes. The quarterback, all of them, whoever is in there, they’re good athletes, you have a pure pocket passer, No. 14, they are explosive kids."

About Thanksgiving"Practice in the morning and then a team lunch. That will be nice for everyone to relax. Thanksgiving is what it is, to give thanks. We emphasize to our players to call their parents as we as coaches do, call our families. Some families are going to be here, some aren’t but I think for the kids to understand that we do everything as a team and that is a holiday that we celebrate as a team. Coach really wants to make sure that the players follow through and thank everyone that helped them get here, we thank God every day for the opportunity and we stress that to our young men."

How has preparation been this week"It’s been good. There is no shortness of the week which is good so it hasn’t changed our schedule and how we prepare. I think that the focus has been pretty good. Each day we grade the effort and our effort in certain areas was really good. It wasn’t what it was a week before in other positions. We just have to make sure that we strive on that every game. That is kind of what has helped us the last couple of weeks is our effort. Creating fumbles and being around when the ball is on the ground, flying to the football and getting hats to balls and to the ball carriers. If we keep stressing that, we’ll be fine."

Speed at Wide receiver"Yes, Georgia has it. We have it; we practice against it every day. The biggest difference is that they are 6-3, 195-200 pounds and 6-4; they even have a kid who is 6-5 who can run and stride it out. The thing is that they run very easily. They are very fluid and gain a lot of ground in a few steps."

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