Ticket Information

2022 Razorback Football Season Tickets FAQ

The season ticket renewal process will begin for current season ticket holders on January 11, 2022.

What does the 2022 schedule look like?
For the first time ever the Razorbacks will host 7 home games in Fayetteville at Razorback Stadium, including two against College Football Playoff participants Alabama and Cincinnati. The Hogs will also host LSU, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Liberty and Missouri State. 

I am a current season ticket holder. Can I renew my season tickets now?
Yes, you can renew your season tickets today! The final deadline to renew your tickets and submit your Razorback Foundation pledge will be March 1, 2022. The Early Hog deadline is Friday, Jan. 14. 

What is the Early Hog Deadline? 
All season ticket holders who renew their tickets and pay their 2022 annual fund donation by Friday, Jan. 14 will have no transaction fees (savings of up to $40!) and receive 10 bonus priority points ($1,000 in donation value!)

Can I buy new season tickets for the 2022 season now?
If you would like to be a new season ticket holder in 2022, you can purchase Lower Level tickets for $400 each and Upper Level tickets for $250 each. Ticket prices in the premium areas range from $800-$1,550.   To purchase tickets today, click the button above or  contact the Razorback Ticket Center at raztk@uark.edu or 800-982-4647. You will have the opportunity in late spring to participate in the online seat selection process via Razorbacks Seats 3D. This will be your opportunity to upgrade or change your seat location, if you care to do so. 

Will single game tickets or mini-plan be available this year?
We expect to offer mini-plans and single game tickets later this summer. As of now the only tickets available are season tickets.

How much do new Razorback Football Season tickets cost?
Lower level tickets are $400 and upper level tickets are $250. Ticket prices in the premium areas range from $800-$1,550.

Is there a minimum Razorback Foundation donation required for my seats?
There are several upper level and lower level sections of the stadium that do NOT require any type of contribution to qualify for available seats, however many sections do require a minimum donation to the Razorback Foundation to qualify seats in each section. Click here to see the donation requirement map.

What is the Razorback Foundation?
The Razorback Foundation, a separate and self-supporting 501(c)(3) entity, serves as the fundraising arm of the University of Arkansas Athletic Department. Through contributions from more than 13,500 members, the Foundation is able to provide scholarship support for more than 465 student-athletes, funding to support facility enhancements and financial assistance to other programs designated to back student-athletes and Arkansas Athletics. Click HERE to learn more and to join.

If there is a Razorback Foundation donation required for my seats, when would that money be due?
The deadline to submit a 2022 annual fund pledge is March 1, 2022. The football pledge/donation payment deadline is on/before June 30, 2022.  Payment plans are available.

Can I purchase new season tickets now but pay for them over the course of the next few months?
If you would prefer to be set up on a payment plan for your tickets you can purchase them in March and we can arrange a multi-month payment plan in conjunction with your Razorback pledge payment plan. 

I am a current season ticket holder…can I purchase additional seats at this time?
Yes you can. To purchase additional tickets today, click HERE (link from above) or please contact the Razorback Ticket Center at raztk@uark.edu or 800-982-4647.  In the late Spring, you can change or upgrade your seat locations during the Razorback Seats 3D selection process.

Which seats can I select using Razorback Seats 3D? What are the minimum donation requirements?
Season ticket purchasers must meet the minimum member classification to qualify for specific sections in DWRRS. Seat selection times will be determined by 2022 Annual Fund membership levels and priority points (as of April 16, 2022). Additional information may be found HERE.

Are club seats available?
A limited number of seats are immediately available in all club spaces, including seats in the North End Zone. Prices range from $850-1,550 per seat. A Big Hog level ($500 annually) membership in the Razorback Foundation  is required for all club seats, except for seats in the North End Zone. For additional information on all club seats, please call the Razorback Ticket Center at (479) 575-5151.

Are any suites and/or loge boxes available?
Please contact the Razorback Foundation at (479) 443-9000 or gohogs@razorbackfoundation.com for additional information on available suites and loge boxes.

How do I obtain parking for the 2022 season?
Parking passes are allocated based upon Razorback Foundation guidelines. A minimum donation of $750 is required to qualify for priority parking. One parking pass is allocated for every five (5) season tickets purchased. Click HERE for additional information on priority parking.

Can I permanently handover season tickets or re-assign my entire account to another person?
Yes, provided both you and the new season ticket account holder adhere to all Razorback Foundation guidelines. Please contact the Razorback Foundation for additional details about permanently handing over season tickets to a friend, family member or fan, or transferring your entire account.