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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for current season ticket holders to renew tickets for the 2024 season?

The deadline for all season ticket holders, including suiteholders, is March 1.  

Where can I rent my chairback seat cushion?

Season ticket holders can purchase their chairback seat cushion for the 2024 season by clicking here. It is NOT available to complete on the season ticket renewal application this year.

Will single game tickets or mini plans be available this year?

We expect to offer single game tickets later this year, including tickets for the game in Little Rock. As of now the only tickets available are season tickets.

Is there a minimum Razorback Foundation donation required for my seats?

There are several upper level and lower level sections of the stadium that do NOT require any type of contribution to qualify for available seats, however many sections do require a minimum annual fund donation to the Razorback Foundation to qualify seats in each section. Click here to see the donation requirement map and priority ticket limits.

Can I purchase new season tickets now but pay for them over the course of the next few months?

Yes, please contact a member of the Ticket Sales Team at 479-575-5151 or to purchase your season tickets and setup your payment plan. Payment plans are also available through the Razorback Foundation for any required annual fund donation.

If there is a Razorback Foundation donation required for my seats, when would that money be due?

The deadline for returning members and season ticket holders to submit their 2024 annual fund pledge is March 1, 2024. New season ticket holders may make a pledge anytime or in conjunction with their season ticket purchase. The football pledge/donation payment deadline for all new and existing members is on/before June 30, 2024.  Payment plans are available.

Please note – The required pledge for new and existing season tickets holders will automatically be added to your account based upon the location of tickets purchased, and quantity of tickets purchased and/or added.

I am a current season ticket holder…can I purchase additional seats at this time?

Yes you can. To purchase additional tickets today, please contact the Razorback Ticket Center at or 800-982-4647. In the late Spring, you can change or upgrade your seat locations during the Razorback Seats 3D selection process.

Which seats can I select using Razorback Seats 3D? What are the minimum donation requirements?

Season ticket holders may select ANY available seat in ANY section as long as they contribute at the minimum member classification to qualify for specific sections or ticket quantity limits. Seat selection times will be determined by 2023 Annual Fund membership levels and priority points.

How do I obtain parking for the 2024 season?

Parking passes are allocated based upon Razorback Foundation guidelines. A minimum donation of $750 and purchasing football season tickets is required to qualify for priority parking. One parking pass is allocated for every five (5) season tickets purchased.

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