Charitable Giving

Donation Request Policies and Form

Please read through our donation request policies before completing the request form below.

Due to NCAA regulations, the University of Arkansas has implemented the following policies for autographed items and donation requests. The Razorbacks are asked to support thousands of worthwhile causes and events. We make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible that are allowable under NCAA regulations.

All autograph and donation requests must be made using the Donation Request Form. Please read the Policy Guidelines below before filling out the form. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Razorback Marketing Office at 479-575-3696 or email We appreciate your support of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Go Hogs!

University of Arkansas Athletic Department Donation Request Policy

  1. Razorback Athletics will not secure autographs of current or former student-athletes. NCAA regulations prohibit Razorback Athletics from securing an autograph of a student-athlete for a charitable organization/event that is sponsored or cosponsored by a commercial entity.
  2. Razorback Athletics will not secure game tickets and/or game passes for donation under any circumstances.
  3. All autograph requests made by charitable, educational, and/or other institutional entity must go through the marketing office.
  4. Per NCAA regulations, autographed items are not to be used for or provided to any of the following: high school (9th-12th grade) fund raising i.e. auctions/raffles or to a high school staff member (9th-12th grade) i.e. coach/athletics director/principal; high school athlete or parent of a high school athlete (9th – 12th) without the written consent of the University of Arkansas Athletics Department; Razorback Athletics reserves the right to deny an autograph to any organization or event that may not comply with NCAA rules and regulations.
  5. Razorback Athletics will no longer secure autographs for balls, helmets, or hats to individuals for personal use.
  6. Razorback Athletics will secure autographs for charitable and educational entities of coaches.
  7. Requests must be received a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event deadline.
  8. We will not accept personal items or items sent by organizations for signature. Only the items on the form are available.
  9. Autographed items can be used as an auction or raffle item at a fundraiser provided that organization/institution has received prior approval from the designated athletics department staff.
  10. Completion of the request form does not guarantee that UA Athletics will be able to fulfill the request.
  11. Razorback Athletics may secure a maximum of ONE (1) autographed item per organization, per year (a new year begins each July). Receipt of an item in no way guarantees subsequent donations.
  12. No autographs will be secured during the black out period occurring December 1 thru January 31.
  13. Razorback Athletics will try to meet a charitable organization’s deadline; however, we can make no guarantees due to the coaches’ and student-athletes’ availability and schedules.
  14. Razorback Athletics reserves the right to request the return of any autographed item i.e. items that may appear on eBay or used in anyway that may be considered a NCAA violation­.