The University of Arkansas Department of Athletics is proud to announce that our Razorback student-athletes will have the ability to utilize their name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights to receive compensation beginning on July 1, 2021. Beginning January 1, 2022, Razorback student-athletes will follow the Arkansas Student-Athlete Publicity Rights Act (Ark. Code Ann. § 4-75-13).

In order to keep our student-athletes safe and in good standing with the UA and the NCAA, we have compiled some guidelines and important information to know for representatives of student-athletes, as well as Frequently Asked Questions that will allow representatives to begin helping our student-athletes immediately in the most effective ways.



When am I allowed to begin representing student-athletes?
July 1, 2021.

Am I allowed to represent them professionally?
No. Agents may represent student-athletes for the commercial use of the student-athlete’s publicity rights. Beyond that, student-athletes must still follow the Amateurism guidelines from the UA Student-Athlete Handbook and the NCAA Compliance Regulations.

Am I allowed to represent them professionally upon graduation or renunciation of their amateur status?
Yes. Once a student has renounced their amateur status, representatives may interact and represent them as they would any student-athlete who had renounced their amateur status prior to this NIL bill being introduced. They will then be subject to the Athlete Agent Reform Act of 2011.

Do I need to have any certification to represent student-athletes?
Yes. Only agents, athlete agents, financial advisors, or attorneys may provide professional representation and must be licensed in the state of Arkansas.

Which companies can Razorback student-athletes partner with?
Arkansas student-athletes are permitted to contract with any company outside of those in the restricted classes (tobacco, alcohol, etc.), and those that conflict with any exclusive partners/sponsors of the UA. (There may be a very small group of opportunities to contract with some companies that conflict with exclusive partners, but such exceptions would need to be admitted by the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Athlete Brand Development and Inclusive Excellence).

To seek Athlete Agent Registration, visit the Arkansas Secretary of State’s website.

Any other questions should be directed to Justin Johnson (, the Director of Student-Athlete Development.


Nothing in this information can or should be considered legal advice and represents in no way the UA representing student-athletes in the commercial use of their publicity rights.

The UA has a cause of action against an athlete agent or third-party licensee if the UA or the student-athlete is adversely affected by an actor or omission of the athlete agent, third-party licensee, or anyone acting on behalf of them in violation of the Arkansas Student-Athlete Publicity Rights Act.