NEW IN 2020

Home Schedule

The Razorbacks will play a 10-game SEC only schedule, including five premium games at DWRRS. Home – No. 3 Alabama, No. 4 Georgia No. 5 LSU, No. 26 Tennessee, Ole Miss; Away – Mississippi State, No. 11 Auburn, No. 13 Texas A&M, Missouri, No. 8 Florida

Away Schedule



Health & Safety

In consultation with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), we will implement a number of measures to make your gameday experience as healthy and safe as possible including:

● All event staff and employees will wear face coverings at all times

All guests will be required to wear face coverings (over the nose and mouth) from the time they get in line to enter the stadium until the time of exiting.

Lines will be queued at all gates, concession stands and merchandise locations, following social distance guidelines with 6-feet distancing markers placed throughout the venue and strictly enforced.

Contactless transactions will be introduced for concessions and merchandise purchases.

● Restroom layouts have been modified to provide proper social distancing.

● Handwashing/Hand sanitizing stations will be added throughout facilities to supplement restroom use.

● Extensive cleaning and sanitation efforts including deep cleaning prior to games and disinfecting of high frequency touchpoints throughout the event.

Mobile-only ticketing to provide contactless experience at gates and in the stands. Click here for more information about mobile ticketing.

Tailgating will not be permitted, per ADH directive.

Reduced capacity in venue, based upon current state Phase II social distancing standards.



Gameday Experience

A number of traditional game day experiences will be significantly changed or eliminated for this season to provide the safest environment.

Tailgating: Tailgating is an extremely important aspect of the college football gameday experience. However, based upon direction from the ADH, tailgating will not be permitted on University of Arkansas property this fall. This is inclusive of parking lots and tented areas such as Victory Village and The Gardens.

Shuttle Service: Limited shuttle service will be provided and operate at a reduced capacity and face coverings will be required.

Gate Entry: It is recommended that fans enter the stadium through the gate designated in our game week communication.

HogTown: The pregame fan fest/street festival that debuted last season on Maple Street will be put on hold for the 2020 season.

Hog Walk: The tradition of lining the ropes of Lot 44 (The Pit) to welcome and high-five the team as they enter the stadium will be put on pause for this season. The team buses will drop the players off right at the front of the game day locker room entrance.

Running Through the A: The field must be cleared of activity prior to the team coming out of the locker room, so their ‘running through the A’ formed by the band on the field will be eliminated for the upcoming season.

Spirit Squads: While cheerleaders, pom squad and mascots will be in attendance and visible in some capacity, they will not be allowed to be on the sidelines during the game and their direct interactions with fans will be eliminated, due to social distancing precautions.


Stadium Capacity

Based on ADH guidelines, the capacity at DWRRS will be limited for the 2020 season. University and Department of Athletics leaders have been working in concert with the ADH to maximize potential capacity while still adhering to all protocols. It has been our goal to allow as many Razorback fans as possible the opportunity to safely attend a game.

The current Phase II of the State of Arkansas’ Re-Opening guidelines requires 6-feet of social distancing. To maintain 6-feet of spacing in every direction between seating blocks, the estimated percentage of capacity permitted inside DWRRS is 21-23% or 16,000-17,000 available seats including our premium areas, general seating and an allocation for our students.

Razorback Athletics will continue to work closely with ADH to monitor any potential changes to the state protocols and adjust capacity accordingly.



Game Tickets

With almost 33,000 season tickets sold (not including students) and approximately 16,000-17,000 seats available per game, we’ve prepared a plan based upon Razorback Foundation membership priority that allows as many season ticket purchasers as possible the chance to attend multiple games this season.

● Due to extremely limited quantities of seats, season ticket purchasers will be allocated a 5-game, 3-game (LSU, Tennessee, Ole Miss) or 2-game (Georgia, Alabama) season ticket plan.

● Allocations of seats grouped in club areas and in the general bowl must be distanced 6-feet apart from each other as per ADH guidelines. As such, fans should not expect to receive their normal season ticket location this year.

● If for any reason you do not feel comfortable attending games this fall, please contact the Razorback Ticket Center to discuss your options, including donating all or a portion of your ticket purchase to the Razorback Foundation. Rest assured, you will be able to renew the same seat locations for the 2021 season.




Based on anticipated ticket allocations, there will be limited changes to parking lot assignments. Additional information will be sent at a later date.







● More transactions from food and beverage stands will take place electronically.

● Will introduce mobile ordering and express pickup will be available.

● Grab and Go locations have been added to speed up service.

● Streamlined menu offering to speed up service.

● Social distancing guidelines and queued lines.

● All packaging will be closed or bagged.

● All condiments in PC bag or vessel.

● All serving utensils individually packaged.

● Every other point of sale in the concession stands will be open to allow for social distancing.

● Sneeze guards/plexiglass at point of sale counters.

● No soda refills and drinking fountains taken off-line.

● No self-service.



Hog Heaven Team Store

● Implement new digital buying options, with all being electronic transactions.

● Store occupancy restrictions and limit entry/exit passageways.

● Sneeze guards/plexiglass dividers at point of sale counters.

● Hand sanitizing stations added in stores.

● Implement social distancing line queuing (physical distance markers on floor).

● Same guidelines apply at Bud Walton Arena gameday only location.

● Store inventory will be reduced to create more space.

● Ingress and egress will be monitored to manage store occupancy.




● Restroom layouts have been modified to provide social distancing and line queues.

● Handwashing/Hand sanitizing stations added throughout facilities to supplement restroom use.

● Mothering Rooms on concourse: Capacity limited and furniture arranged to provide social distancing.

● First Aid Stations on concourse: Capacity limited and furniture arranged to provide social distancing.

● Cooling stations/waiting rooms added for overflow.



Cleaning & Sanitation

● Athletic facilities will be cleaned and sanitized in consultation with all COVID National, State, University of Arkansas, NCAA, and Southeastern Conference Health and Safety regulatory requirements.

● Deep cleaning of the entire venue, including such practices as: » Disinfecting of all high frequency touch points and all high traffic areas as well as all of the surfaces within those spaces. » Electrostatic non-mechanical disinfecting in all indoor spaces.

● Throughout the week of each home game, all areas will be cleaned and electrostatically disinfected.

● Outdoor seating areas are power washed and exposed to sunlight effective in killing viruses.

● Throughout the entire game, staff will continue to clean and disinfect.

● Staff will be on hand at all public areas with disinfecting wipes for all high frequency touch points.

● Suite holders will be provided a cleaning kit for their own use.

● Hand sanitizing stations and portable hand wash sinks will be placed throughout the venue.

● All artificial turf surfaces adjacent to the grass field will be pre-cleaned, and receive an application 2-5 days before usage.

● Artificial turf surfaces are treated with a concentrated deodorizer/disinfectant.