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The University of Arkansas Athletics Department announced the launch of “The Neighborhood”, a podcast series with women’s basketball coach Mike Neighbors.

The series features host and local radio talent Jon Williams as he explores what is going on in the mind of the Razorbacks’ newest head coach. The duo will visit with friends and celebrities, talk pop culture, and, of course, discuss the Razorback women’s basketball team.


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You can listen on iTunes by clicking here.

0:00 | Welcome to the show. Host Jon Williams and Coach Mike Neighbors talk about momentum. It all started with Italy in the fall as the team established its identity and players defined their roles. The early-season intersquad game with the men’s practice team was a turning point as the team realized its potential.

4:50 | Jon and Coach discuss Chelsea Dungee’s contributions. She is a match-up nightmare against SEC opponents – do you put a guard or a post on her? Our opponents had to change their lineup – change what they do – to try and contain her. It didn’t work.

6:50 | Dungee wasn’t the only key to the success this year. Jailyn Mason and Alexis Tolefree were more than steady and the combination of Kiara Williams and Taylah Thomas elevated our game. It took an entire team effort.

8:25 | We had a great draw in the SEC Tournament. Our hosts recap that historic run. That success moved the team into the Debatable Eight! The NCAA bracket was leaked, and it was a blow to the team but the WNIT came calling.

10:15 | Going to the WNIT was more beneficial for the long-term health of our program. The crowd support was amazing and a great experience for our seniors. It was an amazing building block for our program. There is nothing better than a spontaneous Hog Call.

15:25 | Our hosts welcome in today’s guest, Mike Nail. Nail is the former Voice of the Razorbacks and a diehard fan of Arkansas women’s basketball. Nail calls Neighbors’ style one of the most fun games you can watch. You really felt like this team had a chance to win every game they play.

19:00 | Coach Neighbors remembers the first time Mike and Jean Nail came to the game. They spoke and Neighbors recalls the warm welcome he received from the Nail family.

20:35 | Mike Nail gives his take on Chelsea Dungee. She is one of the most fun players I have ever seen play the game.

33:45 | The future looks amazing. The addition of Amber Ramirez and the incoming freshman class should be electric in 2019-20. The fans are coming out in droves and they all enjoyed the Chalk Talk before the games.

41:00 | The game atmosphere in Bud Walton Arena is changing. The DJ, the PA announcer and Elvis Moya help create an environment that cannot be replicated when you watch at home.

50:00 | Join us next season for the WAR game – as we try and break the Women’s Attendance Record in Bud Walton Arena. We’ve got some special things coming up. Be sure to join us!

Podcast Archives

111All Things Basketball1:02.16Oct. 5, 2017Join us for Episode 1 as we kick off our bi-monthly podcast. In this episode, our hosts talk about Coach Neighbors’ journey back to Arkansas. They take a look at some of the things that have influenced Coach over the years and they welcome in mentor Coach Kevin McGuff. Coach McGuff and Coach Neighbors worked together at Xavier and Washington.Click here
212Meet Nels Hawkinson from Basketball Travelers:58.00Oct. 19, 2017We are two weeks out from the season opener. Hear how Coach Neighbors handles the pressure of the upcoming season. He talks about his transition offense and transition defense. It’s all new for this coaching staff and the players, from what happens in the locker room to what goes on, on the court.Click here
313Why The West Wing Rocks - with Marcelo Tubert:54.23Nov. 2, 2017Welcome to the third podcast of the year. Coach Neighbors talks about the team but jumps quickly to his passion for his favorite television show - The West Wing. Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams chats with Marcelo Tubert who worked on the show.Click here
414How getting cut guided my career with Razorback baseball coach Norm DeBriyn:53.00Nov. 16, 2017Coach Neighbors talks about his path to becoming a coach and how Razorback baseball coach Norm DeBriyn played a part.Click here
515How Texas Red Dirt music influences Coach Neighbors:50.30Dec. 21, 2017Coach Neighbors chats with Josh Abbott of the Josh Abbott band about music.Click here
616Meet A Friend From Bentonville:58.00Jan. 11, 2018Meet long-time friend and mentor Boyd Shelton.Click here
717Meet a guy you never knew that you knew:57.57Jan. 25, 2017Today's special guest is Cylk Cozart, actor and basketball playerClick here
818Meet Dr. Tim Elmore:52.14Feb. 8, 2018Find out how Dr. Tim Elmore's books shaped Coach Neighbors' approach to being a head coach.Click here
919Guest No Guest:42.02Feb. 22, 2018No guest for this podcast but some great content with Coach and Jon.Click here
10210Jailyn Mason joins our hosts:55:49Sept. 30, 2018Coach Neighbors and guest Jailyn Mason talk Italy and the season.Click here
11211The season wrap up with Mike Nail1:00.53April 26, 2019Our hosts wrap up the 2019 season and are joined by guest Mike NailClick here


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Podcast Archive

0:00 |
Host Jon Williams and Coach Mike Neighbors welcome fans back to our monthly podcasts. They welcome in guest junior Jailyn Mason as they tipoff season two of our podcasts.

1:06 | Catching up on the off-season. Here how Coach Neighbors established his relationship with the junior guard and what he has learned about her. She is a “fungus” – listen and see what this means. Could Jailyn play the 5 spot? Jailyn can make Coach Neighbors’ least favorite shot – the pull up jumper.

5:10 | Jailyn talks about what it was like to have her mom join her on the Italy trip. The conversation evolves into Jailyn’s role on the team and how she feels about being a leader for the Razorbacks. Coach Neighbors details the differences with the international rules and how Arkansas adjusted.

10:12 | Check out this recap of Italy by Jailyn Mason as she breaks down the travel and the sites. Customs was a challenge as Arkansas moved 60 people through airports and onto buses. Coach Neighbors recaps what it was like to lose his luggage. Our hosts give a shout-out to Nels Hawkinson who is the co-founder of Basketball Travelers who coordinated the trip. Jailyn was a big fan of the lasagna, but Coach couldn’t find spaghetti and meatballs.

22:20 | Coach Neighbors recounts his visit to The David. The team and players react to a living history. The team adjusted its schedule and we

26:35 | Let’s talk basketball. Jailyn breaks down how the team came together and experienced growth from a year ago. “We really developed our identity.” Coach Neighbors and his staff played eight five-minute periods in each game. Listen as he evaluates those performances.

35:00 | Coach Neighbors talks about the impact that former Razorback India Lewis had on the team and on Northwest Arkansas. Her passing was fast, but we will honor her memory this year and in our program’s future.

38:20 | Check in with Coach, Jai and Jon as they discuss their favorite recent pop culture experiences. Television shows, movies and books are on the table for today’s podcast participants. See what Coach Neighbors thinks is binge-worthy. Game of Thrones, Pearl Jam and Hamilton are all on the table in this episode.

50:20 | Our hosts and their guests look at the upcoming schedule. The SEC is tough – what’s new? Check out the non-conference opponents as well.

Today’s guest was unable to join us today. Take a listen to our hosts talk about past games and upcoming contests. They go over their top-5 Favorite Razorbacks. Flashback to Nabster and Limewire as we look ahead to Thursday’s game with No. 17 Texas A&M.

0:00 | Host Jon Williams and Coach Mike Neighbors talk about who is listening to the podcast. It’s about more than basketball. Coach Neighbors wants to be sure his players experience their opportunities to the fullest. Devin Cosper’s legacy will be that she helped this team get things started.

6:00 | Take a quick look inside the upcoming SEC Tournament. See where the Razorbacks stand and how they are approaching the coming weeks. Our hosts reflect on the Tennessee and LSU games and how close those contests were. These team continues to show up and is of the highest character.

11:10 | Virginia Burdick was honored at our LSU game. She is 100 years old and was an honorary starter in the game. Women’s basketball provides a different kind of engagement when fans can have a personal relationship with the players and coaches.

12:40 | Coach Neighbors reflects on the halftime acts. We have the best acts ever.

13:50 | Top 5 All-Time Favorite Razorbacks. Tune in and hear who Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams remember as their favorite players regardless of sport. There is bonus content here with a couple of honorable mentions!

27:00 | What is means to be a role model to a young player or fan. Coach Neighbors reflects on Kelsey Plum and how she handled the fans and the celebrity status.

31:00 | Our hosts talk about what it is like to play against and with their heroes, professional players and the top college players. When you try it, you realize how good those players really are.

33:40 | Athletes are evolving. How might that impact the game in the future? Hear what Coach Neighbors and Jon think.

Today’s guest is Dr. Tim Elmore. “Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders, is a best-selling author and international speaker who uses his expertise on Generations Y and Z to equip educators, coaches, leaders, parents, and other adults to impart practical life and leadership skills to young adults that will help them navigate through life.” – from

0:00 | Host Jon Williams and Coach Mike Neighbors chat about a big road win for the Razorback women’s basketball team. Listen to Coach Neighbors talking about how important it is to celebrate the little wins. Coach explains some of the changes that the coaching staff and players have made as the season moves on. He explains his philosophy on keeping his team motivated and how he plans to continue the improvement.

8:33 | Jon and Coach Neighbors talk recruiting. What is Coach Neighbors’ style? Listen to his personal descriptions and learn what a fungus is. How do you find players who fit your system? Do you change your system to the players? Listen to the challenges of only having access to the players 20 hours a week.

13:50 | Two of Arkansas’ three SEC wins are on the road. What does it take to win on the road? What is the Millennial approach that our team has and how does Coach Neighbors use that to inspire the Razorbacks?

16:03 | We landed and the Super Bowl with 3-0. Coach Neighbors and Jon break down the commercials. What do you think were our hosts favorites? If you had an idea for a Super Bowl commercial, could you keep it a secret? Coach Neighbors’ mom is going to get an Alexa for Christmas.

24:52 | Meet today’s guest, Dr. Tim Elmore. Coach Neighbors talks about his book “The I/Y Generation” and how it influenced him. Dr. Elmore has talked to the SEC coaches and all over the country. Hear how this book helped Coach Neighbors find his niche in coaching. Dr. Elmore explains what prompted him to begin his exploration with the generation and generation gaps. He shares his best practices for connecting to younger generations. Listen to Coach Neighbors explain how he uses the information to reach recruits and players. Check out Dr. Elmore’s website at

47:58 | Our hosts talk about the next two opponents. It is a tough schedule against No. 11 Tennessee and No. 15 Missouri this week. Crowds are growing in women’s basketball and road atmospheres are challenging and fun.

49:48 | Check out what is new on our YouTube channel – Kickin’ It In The Neighborhood. Check it out. It is not all basketball – there is a lot of fun stuff on there that provides behind-the-scenes looks into Razorback women’s basketball.

Today’s guest is Cylk Cozart, basketball player and actor. Cozart has appeared in more than 30 films and 20 television shows. Check out his bio here | and stay tuned for his next project.

0:00 | Host Jon Williams and Coach Mike Neighbors laugh about people teasing about The Neighborhood and Jim Nabors and family trees. Coach talks about the neighborhood he grew up in in Greenwood, Arkansas.

4:50 | Jon Williams and Coach Neighbors tease today’s guest. Next, they look at this year’s women’s basketball team. Graduate student Devin Cosper is out with an injury and Coach discusses how the team has adapted and what they need to do moving forward.

15:44 | Meet today’s guest, actor and documentarian Cylk Cozart. Cylk is a friend of Arkansas assistant coach Pauline Love. Here the story of how they met. Listen as Jon and Coach talk about his movies and current movies and pop culture. Here how basketball shaped Cylk’s life and propelled him into an acting career.

45:20 | We are everywhere. Jon and Coach Neighbors talk about the ways fans can learn about our program. Check out the podcast, the YouTube Channel and our social accounts for all the latest information. Coach talks about the feedback he has received on these platforms.

57:00 | How do the things we do help shape our program? What direction are we going and how are we building it? Listen to walk Coach has to say about that. The duo preview the upcoming games as we wrap up today’s podcast.

Today’s guest is Boyd Shelton, longtime Arkansas high school basketball coach. Coach Shelton got his start in 1964 and has made coaching stops at several locations including Leachville, Weiner, NewArk, and at Bentonville High School where he met Coach Neighbors in 1993.

0:00 | How tough is the SEC? Day in and day out the SEC is big, strong and deep. It’s a 16-game survival of the fittest.

3:45 | We are committed to the process. We are not a results-driven team and at some point, that will change – but we are not there yet.

4:45 | What stands out the most between non-conference and SEC play? Jump here and find out what Coach Neighbors thinks about the differences. Our conference is amazing.

7:50 | Size matters. SEC programs are in “college towns”. Coach Neighbors reflects on how that college town atmosphere makes every sport special in the SEC.

9:28 | Jon Williams and Coach Neighbors talk about the “Chalk Talk”. Hear the story about how it got started and how it has evolved. Be sure you join us on Thursdays at the game for an inside scoop on that night’s opponent.

15:25 | Today’s guest is former Bentonville coach Boyd Shelton. Hear how Coach Shelton influenced Coach Neighbors’ as a coach and a young man in his first job. Did you know Coach Neighbors was a biology teacher?

30:55 | Coaching Circles – what does that mean to Coach Neighbors? What mistake did he make as he transitioned from an assistant coach to a head coach? How did his relationships change and who is in his inner circle? What is the transition like and how do you know when you are ready?

39:39 | How does Coach Neighbors mentor his young staff?

40:00 | Molly’s Game – check out this movie! Jon Williams loves the movie and scoops Coach Neighbors on this one. Jump hear and check out this episode’s pop culture segment. What are Coach Neighbors’ top five comedies and how they compare to Jon’s faves.

Today’s guest is Josh Abbott of the Josh Abbott Band. Josh Abbott founded the band in 2006 in Lubbock, Texas while attending Texas Tech University, where he was a member of the Texas Epsilon chapter of Phi Delta Theta. He paused college, a thesis away from his master’s degree, to pursue a musical career full time, and founded the band with fraternity brothers Austin Davis, Neel Huey, and Drew Hurt. The band recorded a demo including “Taste” in 2007 and began touring in 2008. Huey and Hurt dropped out, and Preston Wait and Eddie Villanueva joined. James Hertless and Caleb Keeter joined in 2010. In 2009, the band recorded and released their first album Scapegoat. The band just released its fourth album.

Episode 5 | 12.21.17
0:45 | Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams chat about the early success of the women’s basketball season.
4:00 | Raven Northcross-Baker and Malica Monk step up against UT-Arlington.
5:50 | The team has great chemistry. People are excited about “the way we are doing this.”
7:45 | The nation is taking notice. Former Georgia head coach Andy Landers praises the Razorbacks.
11:10 | Let’s talk music. Meet Josh Abbott from the Josh Abbott and the Texas Red Dirt movement. The song that did it was “I just want to love you.” The way he signs inspires me.
14:45 | Coach Neighbors talks about what the concert experience is like with the Josh Abbott band.
16:30 | Listen to the powerful story that Josh Abbott shares and how it inspired his album.
33:30 | Check out Coach Neighbors’ top five concerts.

Today’s guest is legendary Arkansas baseball coach Norm DeBriyn. As head baseball coach, he guided the Razorbacks to the program’s first-ever NCAA Super Regional appearance and amassed a record of 1,161-650-6, which ranked him as the 14th-winningest coach in Division I history. The Razorbacks made four NCAA College World Series appearances under DeBriyn, with 15 NCAA postseason berths and three conference championships. He earned six Southwest Conference Coach of the Year awards and one Southeastern Conference Coach of the Year honor.

Episode 4 | 11.16.17
1:00 | Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams recap a successful Elementary Day in Bud Walton Arena.
3:20 | Everything was new that day. Coach Neighbors recaps the first two games of the 2017-18 season. He chats about how different players stepped up already this season.
7:19 | The next step is going on the road. How will the team handled the challenges of the first road game of the year? Listen to what Coach Neighbors thinks about the upcoming four-game road swing.
10:50 | Congrats on your 100th win as a head coach.
13:25 | Our hosts welcome in today’s guest, legendary Razorback coach Norm DeBriyn. Learn how getting cut helped Coach Neighbors move into coaching and how his words still impact Neighbors’ approach today.
32:25 | Coach Neighbors talks about a mistake he has made. What does it take to be a process-driven coach versus a results-driven leader?

Episode 3 | 11.2.17

Today’s guest is actor Marcelo Tubert. Tubert began acting at the age of 3 and has had a long career in television, movies and on stage. Among his numerous credits, he was a recurring character on The West Wing, Coach Neighbors’ favorite show. In addition to his career, Tubert’s daughter Emily attended the University of Arkansas where she was an All-American on the women’s golf team.

Welcome to the third podcast of the year. Coach Neighbors talks about the team but jumps quickly to his passion for his favorite television show – The West Wing. Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams chats with Marcelo Tubert who worked on the show.
1:00 | Coach Neighbors recaps the closed door scrimmage to open our show.

5:12 | The coach and Jon look ahead to tonight’s exhibition game against Northeastern State. Get the inside scoop here.

8:49 | Meet our guest Marcelo Tubert. Tubert has had many roles in his 30-year career but the one that interested Coach Neighbors is when he played Palestinian Prime Minister Saeb Mukarat on the West Wing.

30:45 | Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams break down their top-10 television shows. They agree on some – but not all of them!

Episode 2 | 10.19.17
Welcome to ‘The Neighborhood’, our bi-monthly podcast. In this episode our hots talk about the upcoming University of Arkansas women’s basketball season.

Today’s guest is Nels Hawkinson, founder of Basketball Travelers. A well-known and respected member of the U.S. and international basketball community, Nels currently serves on the WBCA Board of Directors and the U.S. Virgin Islands tourism council. Nels holds a master’s degree in sports administration from Seattle Pacific University, where he also coached the women’s basketball team from 1982-87. Prior to his time at SPU, he played four years at Trinity Western University in Canada, and played and coached professionally in Norway for two years. Nels has traveled to 50+ countries to establish his network of international basketball contacts. He lives in Shoreline with his wife and co-worker, Nancy, and they have two children.

1:00 | We are two weeks out from the season opener. Hear how Coach Neighbors handles the pressure of the upcoming season. He talks about his transition offense and transition defense. It’s all new for this coaching staff and the players, from what happens in the locker room to what goes on, on the court.

4:38 | Coach Neighbors talks about his “Pet Peeve” meeting. He gives players eight things that are his pet peeves and allows them to give the staff theirs. See how the culture is starting to take form for the team.

7:05 | Revisiting Coach Neighbors’ mistakes. Each episode will explore one of Coach Neighbors’ paper on the mistakes he made as a head coach in his first year. Trust and health are batted around by Jon and Coach.

10:23 | It is new to everyone this year. The gap between new players and returners is smaller as everyone is learning about the style of the new coaching staff.

17:43 | I want part of my legacy to be that I was a good teacher who helped grow the game. Listen to why Coach Neighbors shares his thoughts on social, in the newsletter, on YouTube and in this podcast. He talks about the Coaching Tree.

28:23 | Have fun. Get Better. Work Hard. What does that mean for Coach Neighbors and the Razorbacks. He discusses the team’s leadership and how he is replacing “motivation” with “inspiration”.

38:34 | Meet Nels Hawkinson, co-founder of Basketball Travelers. He is a friend and mentor and impacts the student-athlete experience at countless colleges and universities all over the nation.

49:00 | Coach Neighbors wraps up his conversation with Nels Hawkinson with a funny story. The men share a passion for student-athletes and furthering their education through basketball and travel.

Episode 1

Join us for Episode 1 as we kick off our bi-monthly podcast. In this episode, our hosts talk about Coach Neighbors’ journey back to Arkansas. They take a look at some of the things that have influenced Coach over the years and they welcome in mentor Coach Kevin McGuff. Coach McGuff and Coach Neighbors worked together at Xavier and Washington. Coach McGuff got his start as an assistant coach at Miami University and is currently the head women’s basketball coach at Ohio State.

1:00 | Welcome back to Arkansas Mike Neighbors. Hear about his journey back to Arkansas and the stops he made along the way.

10:10 | Coach Neighbors reflects on his first press conference as the Razorback head coach. He breaks down what it is like to be surrounded by family and friends and he talks about getting to know the Razorback players.

23:15 | Coach Neighbors discusses the origin of his newsletter that has more than 77,000 readers. Learn how it started, how it has evolved and what doors it has opened for him.

37:50 | The Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff joins Coach Neighbors and Jon Williams. Get to know more about Coach Neighbors through his mentor’s eyes.