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Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas Governor
This is a day we knew would come, but it is still a great loss to learn of the passing of Coach Broyles. My first memory of Frank was cheering on the Hogs with my dad, but that was just part of his great legacy. He was an Arkansas treasure to devoted his life to others–from student-athletes to his support of Alzheimer’s research. He was an example for young people to follow, and that alone reflects a life well lived.

Donald R. Bobbitt, UA System President 
While his main responsibility was the athletic program, Coach Broyles understood and cared deeply about the entire mission of the university. When I was dean of Fulbright College, I greatly appreciated his understanding that the purpose of athletics was to showcase our students – not only the talents of the players, but also the cheerleaders, the marching band and others involved. He saw the big picture and because of that, he and the university had great success during his tenure as coach and athletic director. I’m saddened by his passing, but his legacy will live on for generations.

Joseph E. Steinmetz, University of Arkansas Chancellor
For almost sixty years, Frank Broyles has been an indelible part of the University. As our head football coach, and then as our Director of Athletics, Coach Broyles redefined excellence for our athletics programs and, more importantly, impacted the lives of thousands of people. His contributions to the University of Arkansas and to our state are immeasurable, and his passing will be felt by many. On behalf of the university family, I want to extend my sincerest sympathy to the entire Broyles family. His legacy will live on.

Jeff Long, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics
The Razorback Family has lost its patriarch and Arkansas has lost one of its most beloved figures. Coach Frank Broyles was a legendary coach, athletics director, broadcaster and a tireless advocate for those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s. In his more than 50 years of service to the University of Arkansas and intercollegiate athletics, his vision and leadership allowed the Razorback program to flourish and in turn enrich the lives of thousands of young men. In the process, he brought unprecedented national attention to Arkansas. His passion for the Razorbacks was infectious, his spirit was indomitable and his vision helped transform a program, a university and an entire state. His legacy in our state is unmatched.

I will forever be grateful for the generosity, graciousness and unwavering support he extended to me when I came to the University of Arkansas. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Razorback nation are with his wife Gen, his children and the entire Broyles Family.

Bret Bielema, Arkansas Head Football Coach
Few people have had the vision and strength to guide so many. Coach Broyles shook my hand at my first day on the job and has been there for me ever since. The walls that we walk through today as a program were created by the things that he built. Coach Broyles is the standard of leadership in the state of Arkansas and all of college football. His impact on the game will always be felt and will never be forgotten.

Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States
I got to know Frank Broyles well in late 1977, his first year as athletic director for the University of Arkansas and my first year as attorney general, when I represented him and Coach Holtz in the well-known and controversial Orange Bowl case which culminated in one of the greatest victories in Arkansas football history. I worked with him throughout my tenure as governor, and we kept in touch afterward. He was a leader of character, intelligence, and determination, and on his watch Arkansas became a leader in many sports. A big part of his legacy came later in his efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and his support for families struggling with it, including his work with the US Senate special committee on Alzheimer’s which Hillary helped to form. I’ll always be grateful to have known him and called him my friend.

Dave Gearhart, former University of Arkansas Chancellor
Coach Frank Broyles has helped build the athletic and academic programs at the University of Arkansas and made incredible contributions to the welfare of our beloved institution,” said Gearhart. “His contributions to this university are unparalleled. He has also been a generous personal benefactor to the university and continues to serve on the current campaign committee. He has helped make the University of Arkansas a premier institution of higher learning.

B. Allen Sugg, former UA System President
I’ve known and observed Coach Broyles since my time as an undergraduate at the university He was one of the most impressive and capable people I’ve ever worked with. During his tenure as a coach, athletic director and fundraiser, Coach Broyles did more to help and support the University of Arkansas than anyone who has ever been associated with the institution. We will miss him.

Greg Sankey, SEC Commissioner
Frank Broyles made a lifelong impact on thousands of Arkansas student-athletes and millions of fans and alumni, all who knew him as Coach Broyles, while positively altering the course of the University of Arkansas and the entire state of Arkansas. He fostered a unique loyalty to Arkansas Athletics and promoted the Razorback brand nationwide. As the Razorbacks Athletics Director, he played a significant role in the history of the Southeastern Conference when he guided the transition of Arkansas into the SEC. He was a man of significant accomplishment who charted the course of a preeminent college athletics program for more than five decades and his legacy will continue to impact the University of Arkansas, the
SEC and all of college athletics for many years to come.

Mike Slive, Former SEC Commissioner
I had the great pleasure of working with Coach Broyles for several years when I first became the SEC Commissioner.  His distinguished career speaks for itself and I will always remember his dignified demeanor and contribution to the work of the conference during those years.  He was a lifelong ambassador for the University of Arkansas whose legacy will leave a lasting impact on the SEC and college athletics.

Roy Kramer, Former SEC Commissioner
Frank Broyles was an institution in the state of Arkansas.  What I think endeared him to the people of Arkansas was his loyalty to the state.  He had a lot of opportunities to leave as a coach and AD, but he stayed and he always bled Razorback red.  He truly WAS Arkansas in that sense.  The stadium and all the facilities there are really a monument to Frank and all that he did for the university.  He was more than a coach and AD.  He was the heart and soul of that university.  He was also tremendously loyal to the SEC.  He was so proud when Arkansas came into the SEC.  He cherished that moment all his life and he believed strongly it was the right move.  I think time has proved that correct.

Steve Hatchell, National Football Foundation President & CEO
Frank Broyles was one of the giants of college football. The game is better because of his influence and the contributions he made throughout his life.. There is no better gauge for his success than the quality of those who played for him and those who coached with him. Coach Broyles was a mentor, coach, and leader and we are all beneficiaries of his life and work. We miss him already.

Mike Anderson, Arkansas Men’s Basketball Coach
We lost a great one today in Coach Broyles. The impact he had on Razorback athletics and the men’s basketball program will be felt for generations to come. His passion for this university was unmatched and his legacy will live on forever.

Dave Van Horn, Arkansas Head Baseball Coach
Coach Broyles lived a storybook life. He had an incredible impact, not only on Arkansas athletics, but on the entire state. He was such a visionary and one of the most disciplined human beings I’ve ever met. He wanted to make the University of Arkansas as good as it could be and nobody cared more about this place than Frank Broyles.

Jimmy Johnson, player on 1964 National Championship team; 2-time Super Bowl Champion; NFL Hall of Famer
Frank Broyles, great coach..we were undefeated and National Champions not because of players but because of coaching.

Jerry Jones, player on 1964 Arkansas national championship team; Dallas Cowboys President and General Manager; NFL Hall of Famer
This is an immeasurable loss of a man whose personality and presence touched millions of athletes, students, coaches and fans for more than seven decades—a man whose spirit and impact on lives will continue to be felt for generations to come.

Coach Broyles was a life changing influence for me both from a personal and professional perspective.
He taught me, and he taught all of his players, how to be prepared for the fourth quarter, both on the field and in life. He then displayed to all of us how to handle that fourth quarter with the care and devotion he so lovingly provided for his wife Barbara as she faced Alzheimer’s in her final years.

He was the singular most important man of sports in the history of the State of Arkansas, and his impact on the game of football across our country was just as significant.
As a coaching innovator, he introduced the I formation to the game. He brought mathematical concepts to the strategy of football by always looking for numerical advantages in blocking schemes. He also artfully shaped the early careers of so many assistant coaches who moved on to build successful programs of their own as head coaches.

The Frank Broyles Award is so aptly named, because no one knew how to identify and develop quality assistant coaches better than Coach Broyles. To mention just a few, men such as Barry Switzer, Johnny Majors, Jimmy Johnson, Fred Akers, and Doug Dickey all benefited from his teachings and talent.

He was a man with a wonderful mind and a charming personality to match. He combined those gifts to become a game-changing ambassador for college football, sharing his insight and wisdom with millions of viewers on ABC’s Saturday afternoon games. He did so with a common and colorful touch that could reach and educate all fans—regardless of the level of their own personal knowledge of the sport. His voice and his presence on television made a huge contribution to the growth and popularity of our sports on the college level.

As an athletic director, he was a visionary, a pioneer, and a leader among his peers.
He first developed the concept of priority seating for football and basketball games, based upon financial donations to the program. That sent collegiate athletics onto the path of being self-sustainable, and capable of subsidizing all of the athletic teams at a major university.

Outside of my father, Frank Broyles was the most influential man in my life. My thoughts and sincere best wishes are with his family today, and our loss, is shared by millions.

Coach Broyles’ name, his legacy, and spirit will continue to guide and grow collegiate athletics in this country for as long as young men and women aspire to compete and prosper from all of the virtues and life lessons that athletic competition provides.

Steve Spurrier, former Florida and South Carolina Head Coach; Heisman Trophy Winner
Coach Broyles was my kind of coach; one I truly admired and respected. He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather, as well as a National Championship Hall of Fame coach. The last time I played golf with Coach Broyles – and we played together several times – was at Augusta in 1996. Coach Broyles shot 1-under and beat us all easily. He’s now in a place where the fairways and greens are always perfect. He was one of the best to ever coach college football.

Scott Varady, Executive Director of the Razorback Foundation
The Razorback Foundation mourns the passing of Coach Broyles, and we extend our sympathy to his family and friends. Coach Frank Broyles always talked with passion about the ‘difference-makers’ who helped build the Razorback Athletic program and helped ensure its competitiveness. The simple truth is that Coach Broyles was an unparalleled “difference-maker” for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He leaves an unrivaled legacy. Coach Broyles cared deeply for Razorback fans and supporters, and he always sought to do what he believed was in the best interests of the Razorback program. As members of the Razorback Family, Coach Broyles taught us that student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and fans share a unique bond that is truly special and enduring. We will miss his charm and passion, but his spirit will live on in every Hog Call we ever hear.

Rich Brooks, former Kentucky, Oregon and St. Louis Rams Head Coach
We are going to miss one of the iconic coaches and administrators ever to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Frank Broyles was an innovative coach and very successful athletics director, and also promoted the growth of the game as a television analyst. College football has lost one of its all-time greats.

Greg Byrne, University of Alabama Athletics Director
Coach Broyles will forever be one of the greatest in college football, and his energy and enthusiasm for the University of Arkansas and college football was unmatched. We send our deepest sympathies and prayers.

Mitch Barnhart, University of Kentucky Athletics Director
Frank Broyles has a legacy as a player, coach and administrator that made him a towering presence in college athletics, in the SEC and at the University of Arkansas. I am proud to have worked with him during his last few years as an athletics director and thankful for the lessons I learned from that experience. On behalf of the University of Kentucky, we offer our condolences to his family and friends.

Nick Saban, Alabama Head Football Coach
Frank Broyles had a profound impact on college football as a legendary player, coach, television commentator and administrator. He touched the lives of so many during his years of service to the University of Arkansas as football coach and athletics director. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.

Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M Head Football Coach
Coach Broyles was not only an outstanding football coach and athletics director, but he probably did as much for the overall collegiate coaching profession as anyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Broyles family and the Arkansas Razorback family.

Tom Herman, University of Texas Head Coach (2014 Broyles Award winner)
College football lost one of its iconic figures and a true southern gentlemen with the passing of Coach Broyles. I had the privilege of spending time with Coach and his family at the Broyles Award a few years ago and it is an experience I will never forget. That honor meant so much to me, mostly because of the man it represented and everything he stood for. His success on the field is well documented and should be applauded, but his wisdom, class and charm were truly special as well. I will cherish that trophy and my memories with Coach Broyles. And I send my thoughts and prayers to his friends, family and Razorback nation.

Lincoln Riley, University of Oklahoma Head Coach (2015 Broyles Award winner)
I am really saddened by today’s news to hear of Coach Broyles’ passing. He was someone who meant a great deal to me for so many reasons. He was such a trailblazer in our game. His record as a coach and his record as a man is just incredibly impressive. I got the chance to spend some time with him a few years ago at the Broyles Award Ceremony. To get a chance to win that award and to be the last coach he was able to present that award to, was something that was very, very meaningful to me. I really, really enjoyed my time with him and his family. What a great award and what a great event they have going on to honor the top assistant coach in America. I’m sure that will continue. I just want to offer my condolences to his family and share with everybody being so sad this time has come, but so happy that I got to spend a few minutes with him and see what kind of man he was. Again condolences to his family and we will definitely all miss him.

Vince Dooley, former head coach and Director of Athletics at the University of Georgia
Frank Broyles was always a role model for me. I had the greatest admiration for him as a coach, a person, and as a family man. I always wanted the opportunity to coach under him and ironically he may have been indirectly responsible for Georgia hiring me as the head coach. He was interested in talking to me about an assistant coaching position in Fayetteville. At the same time Coach (Joel) Eaves, who had just come from Auburn and taken over as athletic director at Georgia, was talking to me about a job in Athens. He offered me the head job at Georgia which, of course, I accepted. But I looked up to Coach Broyles and knew many of his family members who are all quality people. He made many contributions to college football over a long period of time and he’ll be missed.

Jeremy Foley, former University of Florida Athletics Director
Frank Broyles touched college athletics in so many ways. From a player, coach, administrator, fundraiser and commentator he did it all. His storied career, which included a year as an assistant coach at Florida, touched so many lives. He was a mentor, colleague and friend and I always looked forward to spending time with him. He will be missed, but his legacy will always live on. My prayers are with his family and friends.

Rick Baker, Cotton Bowl Athletic Association President/CEO
Coach Broyles will forever be remembered for his tremendous accomplishments on and off the field. As a coach, commentator, athletic director, husband and father, few have left such a legacy. College football lost a giant, and the Cotton Bowl lost a friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Broyles family.

John Chavis, Texas A&M Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator
One of the highlights of my coaching career was being honored with the 2011 Broyles Award. Coach Broyles was a legendary coach and a great man, my heart goes out to his family.