Changes to Baum-Walker Gameday Experience in 2021

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – As we begin the 99th season of Razorback Baseball, including the 25th season at Baum-Walker Stadium, we wanted to outline some of the new & different things fans can expect during their gameday experience at college baseball’s best ballpark in the 2021 season.

In consultation with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), we have implemented a number of measures to make your gameday experience as healthy and safe as possible including:

  • All event staff and employees will wear face coverings at all times
  • All guests will be required to wear face coverings (over the nose and mouth) from the time they get in line to enter the stadium until departing the stadium.
  • Lines will be queued at all gates, concession stands and merchandise locations, following social distance guidelines with 6-feet distancing markers placed throughout the venue and strictly enforced.
  • No cash transactions will be permitted at concession stands. Electronic transactions only.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be added throughout facilities to supplement restroom use.
  • Mobile-only ticketing to provide contactless experience at gates and in the stands. Click here for more information about mobile ticketing.
  • Tailgating will not be permitted, per ADH directive.
  • Parking lots will open 2 hours prior to first pitch.
  • All gates will open 90 minutes prior to first pitch, 30 minutes later than in previous seasons.
  • Reduced capacity in venue, based upon current state Phase II social distancing standards.


Hog Pen Policy (New in 2021)
The Hog Pen will look a little different this season. Due to social distancing protocols, there will be no general admission seating in the Hog Pen. Socially distanced, reserved areas will be available for purchase in advance. Each area will be 6’ by 6’ and will accommodate up to four (4) people. Reserved areas will be sold as a four-ticket unit, not as individual tickets.

  • Coolers will be permitted but must stay within the confines of your 6’ x 6’ area.
  • Fans with tickets in the Hog Pen area must enter through the Hog Pen entrance this season.
  • In order to maintain proper social distancing, only fans with Hog Pen tickets will be permitted in the area. Fans with tickets in the Baum-Walker Stadium bowl seating area will not be permitted to enter the Hog Pen, unlike previous seasons.
  • Hog Pen grills and picnic tables will not be available for use this season.


Hog Pen Food & Beverage Policy
There is a clear bag exception in the Hog Pen for containers carrying food and beverages. Food items may be brought into the Hog Pen in coolers or disposable bags. Beverage items may be brought in a cooler. Personal bags with no food or beverage brought into the Hog Pen must follow the clear bag policy. Per previous guidelines, any coolers, bags or containers carrying food and beverages admitted at the Hog Pen gates must stay in the Hog Pen area and will not be allowed past the checkpoint into the regular seating bowl.


Cardinal & White Parking Lots (New in 2021)
What has previously been split into two different reserved lots –Cardinal & White — will now be one reserved lot called “Cardinal”. All fans who had either a Cardinal or White pass last season will have a Cardinal lot pass in 2021. The Baum-East parking lot will continue to operate as is. For the 2021 season only, fans who are issued a Baum-Walker East pass are permitted to park in either the Baum-Walker East lot OR the Cardinal lot, based on availability.


Public parking is available in designated areas in the Baum-Walker East Parking Lot (east of the Stadium). Baum East lot will open four (2) hours before first pitch.

Free public parking is also available in Lot 99 on Beechwood Avenue. Please note that there is an additional entrance/exit to Lot 99 off of Hollywood avenue. Lot 99 will open two (2) hours before first pitch. (View Parking Map PDF)


Rain Out / Game Cancelation Policy
In the scenario a game is rained out or postponed, for any reason, tickets for that game will be valid on the date that game is made up. If a game is canceled and it is determined it will not be played at a future date, ticket purchasers will be refunded or have their account credited for a future purchase. In the scenario a postponed game is rescheduled to become a doubleheader on another gameday, tickets for the postponed game would be valid in the first game of the rescheduled day’s doubleheader. Doubleheaders will be treated like separate games this season, unlike in the past. The stadium will be cleared between games and the second game of the DH will start approximately 45 minutes after the conclusion of Game 1.

Suiteholders are an exception to this rule and do not need to clear the stadium since their tickets are valid for both games


Metal Detectors
Metal detectors are used at all baseball games  at Baum-Walker Stadium. Metal detectors will be located at each entrance of Baum-Walker Stadium. Screening of fans entering the ballpark will be conducted directly at the gates. At each of the entrances to Baum-Walker Stadium, there is a metal detector designed to accommodate fans utilizing a wheelchair. Gate personnel will direct fans to the designated metal detector at each location.

Fans will not be required to remove keys, shoes, belts, wallets, coins, watches, jewelry, coats or hats before passing through metal detectors. To expedite entry, it is recommended that fans hold their cell phone near their chest while walking through the metal detectors.  

Fans must pass through the metal detector screening BEFORE scanning their ticket for the game. Ticket scanning at Baum-Walker Stadium will take place inside each gate, a short distance after passing through the metal detectors.

The clear bag policy will still be in effect. To expedite the screening process, it is recommended that fans use their approved clear bag to carry all approved items. Each clear bag will be inspected by gate security staff at each metal detector.


Sounds of Baum
Music has always been a huge part of the Razorback Baseball experience and this season we are taking it to the next level. Baseball fans will get to choose the songs they want to hear in the ballpark all season long. Song requests will be randomly chosen throughout the season via a special program that fans can participate in from their seat by scanning the accompanying QR code on the videoboard or by visiting this link


Gameday App Entertainment
Games at Baum-Walker Stadium will never be the same. This year, fans can utilize the Razorback Gameday App for various ballpark promotions and games including Light Shows during select night games, Live Trivia and more interactive features. All fans need to do is download the Razorback Gameday App to be ready to go! 


Ballpark Bundle Presented By Pepsi (Click HERE to Buy)
With things being a little different this year, we’re packaging some unique items in a single gift bundle for safe delivery right to your house:

  • Limited Edition Ribby Bobblehead
  • Razorback Baseball Camo Snapback Cap
  • Razorback Baseball Pint Glass
  • Ribby Commemorative Lapel Pin
  • Baum-Walker Stadium 25th Anniversary Decal

Cost: $50 (retail value of nearly $75!)

Season ticket holders can utilize their account email for a special offer! 


OmaHogs Fan Cutouts (Click HERE to Buy)

Just like for Football and Basketball, we’re offering fans the chance to buy a cutout to represent you (or a family member or even a pet!) in the seats at Razorback baseball games! You will be able to fully support the more than 465 Razorback Student-Athletes from near or far.

Baseball VIP Cutout: $100

  • Located in premium seating locations behind home plate.
  • Every time a “slot ball” occurs (when a foul ball lands in the seating area between the net and roof behind home plate) you are entered to win a $25 gift card, a Razorback Baseball Fan Pack, and the baseball!
  • A picture of your cutout will be emailed to you once it is installed.
  • Opportunity to pick up your cutout at the end of the season.

Baseball Foul Ball Zone Cutout: $50

  • Located along the first and third baselines.
  • If your cutout gets hit by a baseball during the game we will mail you that ball!
  • A picture of your cutout will be emailed to you once it is installed.
  • Opportunity to pick up your cutout at the end of the season.

Cutouts can still be purchased after the season opener for the remainder of the season and will be placed 1-2 weeks after the initial order.