J.B. & Johnelle Hunt Baseball Development Center

J.B. & Johnelle Hunt Baseball Development Center

The J.B. & Johnelle Hunt Family Baseball Development Center is a 49,000-square foot baseball performance facility, providing student-athletes with an improved and expanded locker room, team meeting room, strength and conditioning center, training room, nutrition center, pitching and development lab and an in-venue batting tunnel.

The one-of-a-kind facility sits in the right-field corner of Baum-Walker Stadium, connecting it with the west concourse and providing new premium seating areas for games. It also includes a tunnel to connect the facility with the first-base dugout. The Norm DeBriyn Champions Lobby features numerous historical displays and interactive content showcasing the history of Razorback Baseball.

The Van Horn Hog

The Van Horn Hog, named in honor of legendary Arkansas Razorback Head Baseball Coach Dave Van Horn, is symbolic of the indomitable fighting spirit of the wild Razorback. The Razorback baseball program is nationally recognized as a skilled and spirited group possessing a fiery determination to prevail. The Van Horn Hog, donated by the Waldrip family, is dedicated to the legions of fans across Arkansas and the nation who share that same unwavering, fighting Razorback spirit.

The $27 million J.B. & Johnelle Hunt Family Baseball Development Center was funded entirely by athletic revenues, gifts and bond proceeds from a bond issue. No university funds, state funds or student fees were required to complete the project. The facility was approved for construction in June 2019 by the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees.