All I want for the holidays....

In terms of golf, I am anxious to focus on playing in the wind. My family and I are going to the Palm Springs area for a few days. The wind picks up in the afternoon, so I am planning on playing with my brother Michael, and my dad and work on gauging the wind.

My brother is a good golfer and knows my game, so I think it will be a good time to groove the swing in the wind, and get a good idea of club selection. Also, Michael and I will work together each day on reading greens. Palm Springs has some good shopping, and I want togo to the outlet stores. I need to do some Christmas shopping, and just kickback a little. I want to see my friends from back home, and see what they have been doing in college.

I am looking forward to Christmas dinner with all the family. January 1st, we go to the Tournament of Roses parade which is just up the street from my home in Pasadena. The night before the Rose Parade, we ride bikes down the parade route and see everyone camping out. There are over a million people in Pasadena for the Parade, and it is very exciting.