Fayetteville a top 10 college town

Jump to on-line story FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Forbes Magazine named Fayetteville, Arkansas, it’s sixth-best on its top 10 list of “Top College Sports Towns” in its February edition. The magazine began its comparison with the top 50 finishers in the Director’s Cup, in which Arkansas was 24th. The criteria also included what the Forbes called “quality of life measures” such as housing costs versus median income, public school quality, crime and real estate numbers. Here’s what Forbes Magazine had to say about Fayetteville: “A medium-sized city of 75,000, Fayetteville has access to countless lakes and trails in the area around the Ozarks. The Razorbacks finished 24th in last year’s Director’s Cup, even though their legendary track team came up short in the NCAA Championships. Off the playing fields, Fayetteville four-bedroom homes run $252,950, which, for a median income earner of $38,983, isn’t too bad. The town tied for 12th best in our quality of life rating that measured school performance and crime rates.” Ann Arbor, Mich., home to the University of Michigan topped the list followed by Palo Alto, Calif., where Stanford is located. The rest of the top 10 included: Madison, Wis. (University of Wisconsin); State College, Pa. (Penn State); Lexington, Ky. (University of Kentucky); Fayetteville, Ark. (University of Arkansas); Chapel Hill, N.C. (University of North Carolina); Columbia, Mo. (University of Missouri); Charlottesville, Va. (University of Virginia) and Bloomington, Ind. (University of Indiana).