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The Razorbacks are on Twitter We are @ArkRazorbacks on Twitter. To keep up with news from the website — especially on your mobile device — follow ArkRazorbacks in Twitter. Followers of ArkRazorbacks will receive our exclusive Grunts from the World Wide Headquarters of the Razorbacks. (Did you expect the Hogs to issue tweets?)
Why follow ArkRazorbacks? We’ll be sending out quick links from our news to help you keep up with what’s new on the website, but that’s not all. Each day, quick updates during events will be on the feed. It includes exclusives — score updates, event time changes, weather updates as they relate to events. For example, @ArkRazorbacks followers knew when the football team was going inside or outside, when the baseball team had an update on a rain delay. For fans that already have a Twitter account, getting our Grunts is simple — follow ArkRazorbacks. For fans needing to add a Twitter account, follow these easy steps: Go to, and click on the Create Account button to set up your account. Once you have created a log-in, password and set up the Twitter account, head to and click on the FOLLOW button. To activate your mobile device, first log on to your Twitter account and add your cell phone number. Then text the message "On" to Twitter at 40404, then text the message "On ArkRazorbacks" to Twitter at 40404. Standard text messaging charges from your mobile provider will apply when you send or receive SMS text messages.
Will ArkRazorbacks follow me? At this time, ArkRazorbacks isn’t following most fans. We are following other media and official university website Twitter feeds.
What about Razorback coaches? To help our coaches, the New Media division has registered their names on Twitter. Those folks who have been on Twitter for a while understand how valuable it is to make sure we protect our coaches’ names by claiming them now. As each individual coach activates their accounts, they will set up their own following policies. Please — if a coach has not started using their name account, don’t be offended if you don’t receive a response or follow. Some coaches may not employ their name accounts, but we reserved their names to insure that if they start to use the account, you will know that it really is that coach — not an imposter.
Thanks for your enthusiasm and for following ArkRazorbacks.