Football continues to prepare

The University of Arkansas football team continued practice Tuesday afternoon as the Razorbacks worked out on the outdoor fields south of the stadium. UA head coach Bobby Petrino spoke with the media following today’s practice:

On practice:"It was a good hard practice and a good Tuesday practice. It was about what you expect to go out and work hard and grind. It was good, hard physical practice. We’re healthy for the most part and everyone is eager to get started and get the game here."

On leadership courses in the preseason:"I think there was a lot of guys eager and maybe didn’t really didn’t know how to do it because maybe they hadn’t done it a lot in their lifetime. They worked hard at it. It is still a work in progress. We have to do a better job of leading by example. Going out and practicing hard and when your teammates turn on the video they see you doing your job and practicing hard. They see you doing it well and with great effort and that’s the starting point to good leadership. On Joe Adams:"He looked better today than he did last night. He changed directions and showed he had his quickness back. He caught the ball well. His hands are doing a good job. He’s a little fresher than other guys. I’m still a little concerned on the deep ball and striding out and getting the ball when it’s in the air. He’s got to show that by Thursday that he’s ready to go."

On carries for the running backs:"We have a plan and an idea on how we want to operate it. We have different groups we can call out to get Broderick Green, Knile or Ronnie Wingo at tailback. Dennis I can throw in because he knows everything. That’s what we worked hard on the last two weeks. That’s why the coaches were off the field on the sidelines during the scrimmages. We worked on how we are going to substitute and what the process is going to be. Then you get a guy that’s hot and get him the ball a lot.