Football practice report

The University of Arkansas football team practiced Tuesday evening on the fields south of the stadium. Following the workout, UA head coach Bobby Petrino spoke with the media:

On the wide receivers:"We are getting thin. Lucas Miller was out there running around and catching balls for the trainers. He’s still a little ways away, but he looks good and feels good. With London (Crawford) going down, that hurts and is a big concern. Particularly with the leadership London has provided. We’re still all right, but we’re getting thin. We can’t have another injury there."

On the bye week practices:"We’re not changing a whole lot. We came out last night and ran real hard. Tonight was a normal practice and we did a little extra special teams at the end. Tomorrow night will be the same way and Thursday we’ll cut back a little bit. Friday we’ll lift hard in the afternoon and we’ll give them Saturday off. We’ll come back late Sunday afternoon and have a practice late Sunday night.

On the offensive line:We’re happy with the way we pass protected. Assignment wise we didn’t make a lot of errors even with the twos when they were out there. We didn’t run the ball as well as I would have liked to run it. Some of it had to do with our blocking and some it had to do with our running backs not taking the correct paths. Some it had to do with them putting nine guys down instead of eight and making us throw the ball to beat them, so we did."

On yards after catch:"I think the receivers were up around 150 yards after catch, which is really good and the running backs were at 100 which is where they need to be. We have a contest each week and the receivers won."