Football practice report

The University of Arkansas football team continued practice Tuesday in order to prepare for Saturday’s game against South Carolina. Following the workout, UA offensive coordinator Paul Petrino spoke with the media:

On Tuesday’s practice:

"It was good. You could feel the energy and I think they are all excited for this game. There was a real good energy and flow out there. Like I say every Tuesday, we have to get better the next two days executing the little things, but I like the hustle and the effort out there."

On South Carolina injuries:

"They have a good scheme and play hard and they will be good regardless. At this time of year, everyone has injuries so you just have to line up and play hard."

On the importance of the running game against South Carolina:

"It’s real important. One thing you have to do against them is establish the run and then that opens everything else up. It takes some pressure off the quarterback. I think it is something we did a nice job of last week and the last couple of times we’ve played at home. It is something we will try to make sure we establish."

On Broderick Green:

"It is a matter of getting himself back in good shape and playing a bunch and learning the system. Then any time you start having a little success then you get your confidence up. He’s been running good and his footwork has really improved. He’s got good vision. If he keeps running hard at that size he will run through tackles. He’s got pretty good speed for as good as he is."

On the role Steve Spurrier had in the development of his offensive mindset:

"He had a big role. When I was a young coach I always tried to learn from who you feel like is a great coach and I always thought he was. I remember back when we were at Utah State one year we got all kinds of cutups from Florida and studied them. I’ve always tried to look and see what he does. When I was at Idaho coaching for John L. (Smith) we actually spent a week at the University of Miami and then drove up and spent three or four days trying to learn. I’ve studied him on tape a lot."