More Than A Feeling
More Than A Feeling WRITTEN BY Frank Ragnow
WRITTEN BY Frank Ragnow

I’ve learned a lot during the past few months. I’ve learned how precious each day is. I’ve learned not to take a moment, an opportunity, anything or anyone for granted.

I’ve also learned how blessed I am. Blessed to have a loving family that supports me and is there for me no matter the situation. It’s hard to put into words what we’ve been through the past few months without my dad, but I know each passing moment makes my love for my family stronger.

Ragnow Family

I’ve also learned my family is even larger than I realized. My teammates aren’t just teammates. They’re family. Coach Bielema isn’t just a coach. He’s a mentor. His beliefs inspire me. He’s family. Coach Herbert doesn’t just prepare my body. He prepares my heart. He’s family.

One of the major reasons I came to Arkansas from my home state of Minnesota was because of how much passion Razorback fans have. The support you’ve shown me since the day I arrived on campus and specifically during the past few months has been inspiring. You are ALL family.

This past season I overcame some adversity, achieved some personal goals, but most importantly, I discovered what the game of football means to me and my family.

The opportunity to play the game I love with the words “Arkansas” or “Razorbacks” on my chest each Saturday is a moment I cherish every time I step onto the field while listening to my Dad’s favorite songs (he loved the oldies).

Ragnow vs. Louisiana Tech

I’m excited and proud to say I’ll be returning for my senior season.

I can’t wait to play for, with and be inspired by my FAMILY when I put on that Arkansas uniform. I know the NFL is in my future, but I want to be the best center in college football as a Razorback. I want to lead and motivate my teammates who have helped me grow as a Razorback. I want to walk across the graduation stage as a Razorback. And I want to start helping others who have lost their father at a young age as a Razorback.

To my dad, I miss you each day and I know you are here with all of us. I will continue each day with the values that you taught me. And don’t worry, Dad, I won’t be a shmo.

Frank and His Dad

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