Hogs Return to Practice After Season Opener

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. Following a win in the season opener against Troy, the Razorback football team returned to the practice fields Tuesday for a two-hour workout. Head coach Houston Nutt thought the team had a good practice and said the team is focusing on getting better every day.

“The open date comes at a good time because we’re able to give a lot of people some attention,” said Nutt.

Nutt said all of his players can improve and with no game this weekend, they will have the time to strengthen some areas and improve on others. The head coach knows his team can be more physical and wants them to be better with their respective assignments.

Along with Reggie Fish and Michael Smith, Peyton Hillis worked with the punt return unit during practice, a place Nutt knows the team needs to be better.

“(Peyton) is the guy that has (returned punts) for three years, so he’s got the experience,” said Nutt who wants the returners to focus on protecting the ball.

Nutt welcomed the returns of defensive lineman Marcus Harrison and offensive lineman Kareem Crowell to practice Tuesday. DeMarcus Love continued to sit out of practice with an injury and Nutt thinks the redshirt freshman could return within the week. Matterral Richardson also missed practice.

Arkansas will be back on the practice fields Wednesday and will return to game competition Sept. 15 at Alabama. Log on to www.hogwired.com for more news about Razorback football.