Hooters Match Play Agate

Hooters Match Play Championship

Howie-In-The-Hills, Fla.

Round One

No. 3 Arkansas defeated No. 14 Furman, 4-1

Amanda McCurdy (Ark) defeated Theresa Paik 3 and 2

Courtney Mahon (Ark) defeated Connor Atkinson 4 and 2

Stacy Lewis (Ark) defeated Monique Gesualdi 3 and 2

Ashley Medders (Ark) defeated Blair Lamb 1 up

Kathleen Ekey (Furman) defeated Sarah Trew 3 and 2

Round Two

No. 3 Arkansas versus No. 6 Texas A&M — Suspended due to darkness

Amanda McCurdy (Ark) vs. Brenda Norris 2 up with 3

Courtney Mahon (Ark) vs. Lauren Johnson 1 up with 4

Stacy Lewis (Ark) vs. Janet DeGroat 1 down with 3

Lucy Nunn (Ark) vs. Ashley Knoll 1 down with 3

Christa Spedding (Furman) def. Ashley Medders 4 and 3