New Hogs on the Block: Hailey Schneider

Looking ahead to the 2020 season, lets take a look at some of the new faces we’ll see in Barnhill Arena this fall! The final of our four new Hogs on the block is Hailey Schneider, an outside hitter from the Lonestar Sate.

One of my biggest role models is Khat Bell (Texas, 2012-14) Growing up in Texas I went to a lot of UT volleyball games and I always loved the passion and energy she had for the game.

 My parents had the most influence on my volleyball career because ever since I was little, they encouraged me to be active in sports. They’ve always helped me when I needed them and have supported me every bit along the way. My family is small, its just my parents, myself and my younger sister. One of my favorite vacations we ever went on was when we traveled on a cruise to Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel.

Our family does have some special traditions, one of which is watching Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve and making a ton of chocolate chip cookies together.

High school was full of good memories for me, this past fall I was recognized as a part of a group of top 10 graduating seniors at my high school, that probably became one of my favorite moments from high school and one of my proudest accomplishments, the other being when my club team won nationals last year!

I chose Arkansas because I fell in love with the campus and the coaches as soon as I visited. It felt like a family and all of the things they do for their athletes couldn’t be beat by other programs.

I’m currently getting ready to start as a pre-chiropractic at Arkansas this fall. I want to be a chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine to help injured athletes.

My favorite thing about playing volleyball is that I love being apart of a family that shares the same passion as I do. I live for the five- set thrillers and beating a rival school.

Derek Jeter once said something I try to remember when I’m in the gym, “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

I can’t wait to get to campus to start working on my game and improving my skills, I’m excited to travel with the team and visit new places too.

Favorite Food | Steak and Potatoes

Favorite Book | The Giver

Nickname(s) |  Hay

Biggest Pet Peeve | People chewing with their mouth open

Current Netflix / TV Binge | Grey’s Anatomy “ALWAYS”

Dream Vacation | A cruise to the Bahamas or some tropical island

Favorite Disney Princess | Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Number one thing on your bucket list | Skydiving

What is one thing you would rate 10/10 | Hawaiian Pizza