Current Razorbacks

Continuing Eligibility

In adherence to the NCAA continuing eligibility requirement, all student-athletes must maintain not only the right amount of credits to be eligible, but also the minimum GPA. See chart below

Entering Year Cumulative GPA Needed Percent Needed Hours Needed
1st Year N/A N/A 24 hrs passed
2nd Year 1.80 N/A N/A
3rd Year 1.90 40% 48/120 hrs
4th Year 2.00 60% 72/120 hrs
5th Year 2.00 80% 96/120 hrs
This is just a general checklist; if you have questions please see your Academic Counselor. You can estimate your GPA by looking on ISIS or by clicking here: GPA Calculator
Apply to Graduate

– To apply for graduation you will need to log on to ISIS and click on the “Apply to Graduate” option from the drop down menu.
– After selecting “Apply to Graduate,” you need to fill out all the necessary corresponding information. Remember to make sure everything is spelled correctly.
– If you have any questions contact your Academic Counselor, or click here Apply to Graduate.
– Deadlines to apply: Fall Semester: October 1st; Spring Semester: March 1st; Summer Semester: July 1st.

Requesting Transcripts

– Student-athletes requesting a transcript can do so by going to the Office of the Registrar at 146 Silas H. Hunt Hall. Here is more information on what to do: Registrar
– Student-athletes who are no longer on campus, or are wishing to request a transcript online can click here: Online Request

NCAA Undergraduate/Post-Graduate Scholarships

– Student-athletes wishing to sign up or just browse the NCAA scholarships available may do so by clicking NCAA Scholarships.
– Pay attention to academic requirements needed and submission deadlines
– If you have any questions contact your Academic Counselor, or the Career Development Coordinator