Pelphrey pre-game media event- Ole Miss

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.The Razorbacks are coming off Sunday’s 89-67 victory over Georgia. Head coach John Pelphrey met with the media on Monday to preview the game. Following is a partial transcript of the press conference.

“When you look at Ole Miss right now, you think of (freshman guard) Terrico White. He’s playing outstanding basketball and has made a lot of progress this season for a first-year player. Malcolm White is a lot better, Murphy Holloway is driving the ball and finishing, and David Huertas is right there when you start talking about all-league players.

“Ole Miss is a big, physical team. They are very aggressive offensively and a good rebounding team. We have our hands full.

“Ole Miss gets a lot of young players back and will be awesome next year. They could be top 15 or 20 in the country going into the season.”

Coming off the Celebration of a Championship weekend:

“My focus is now we have one (win). Let’s try to get two. We don’t have many games left.

“I hope (current Razorbacks) receive the history and heritage of where they play. This is not just another place; this is a special place.

“On a daily basis, we need to do all the things we need to do to help prepare.”

Rotnei Clarke:

“I’ve never been too concerned with him making or missing shots. That fluctuates. Here of late, he’s been making about four a game. He will be the first to tell you he could have made seven or eight (on Sunday). He’s getting better driving to the basket and in the lane, and guys are getting better at finding him. With regards to moving the ball around, he’s getting better.

“He’s much more than just a three-point shooter. If that’s all you are, it’s difficult to get just three-point shots all the time. If you do other things, three-point opportunities will come to you.”


“Guards being active has a lot to do with it. Courtney can apply much more pressure to the ball (now), and he’s capable of being a much better defender away from the ball. Rotnei has made some progress.”

Contributions off the bench:

“More importantly than who it is coming off the bench, it’s good to have guys come off the bench and do well. That helps. When you get four or five guys contributing, it puts you in a situation where you can compete for a win. It’s a big deal.

“Sometimes, you may have eight or 10 guys to find your four or five. We can’t have just one or two guys offensively, and everybody has to be involved defensively.”

No seniors for Senior Night:

“It is a little unique. I don’t know if I have ever been a part of that.”

The SEC:

“A lot of it had to do with the parity in our league. Outside of LSU, we don’t have any 11, 12 or 13-win teams (in conference play). If there were more, our RPI would probably be higher. I still think our league will be well-represented in the NCAA Tournament in terms of the number of teams that get in.”

Stefan Welsh:

“I didn’t (bring him off the bench) because of a slump. I thought the reason he played well was because he looked on edge, alert and full of energy, and he looked like a reader of defense. He looked like everything was on the money.”