Q&A with a Razorback

By Stephen McGowan Arkansas Media Relations Sophie Wentz is entering her senior year at Arkansas and looking forward to another victorious soccer season this fall. After playing in over 55 games as a Razorback and starting 12 games, Arkansas fans await her return to the field to top what was a very good 2008 season. Last year’s thrilling double-overtime winning goal against Samford at the Jacksonville State tournament and her display of strength, agility and endurance in games against Georgia, Vanderbilt and Auburn played an integral part to the Razorbacks’ success. As this season opens, fans will certainly not be disappointed as 2009 promises to be filled with excitement. MR: What is something about your sport that people may not necessarily know? SW: That it is a sport that never stops. There are no time outs, the coach can’t call us in and regroup, so it’s a player’s game. MR: What makes your sport so exciting? SW: The fans make it really exciting and just the overall atmosphere during a game is what makes it most exciting.
MR: If you could play any other sport, what would it be? SW: Gymnastics because of how fun it would be to flip through the air and do all of the other stuff they do.
MR: How important is it for a Razorback student-athlete to give back to the community, and what do you plan to do? SW: I think that seeing that we have the biggest sports arena that the state of Arkansas has, it is important for all Razorback athletes to give back to the community to show appreciation of all the support we get from our fans. We have done a lot of community service already and we will continue in the spring. We have been to Children’s House for example, and had an Easter egg hunt for the children there.
MR: What is your major, and what do you plan to do after graduation? SW: My major is in communication disorders, like speech pathology or speech therapy and I plan on getting my master’s after I graduate and then work in schools as a speech therapist.
MR: Since you are from Fayetteville, do you think you have seen more fan support? SW: Yes, I think that any athlete that comes from the hometown gets a natural support from the fans as they see a home grown kid and even from the surrounding area gets a lot of support.
MR: How does it feel playing right across the street from where you played in high school? SW: A little weird sometimes, especially my freshman year because I would see kids from my high school drive by and they would yell my name but the college atmosphere is very different and it doesn’t seem like you are in high school anymore. There’s been a big change I would say.
MR: Do you have any hidden talents? SW: I can do the Michael Jackson Thriller dance and that’s about it! I can do the whole thing!
MR: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? SW: Italy because I have always wanted to go there. I like the sights. I am a big history dork, and I would want to go to the Coliseum and of course the food, Italian food is my favorite.
MR: What is your favorite song? SW: There’s so many to choose from . . . maybe Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson. It really depends on the mood you are in as to how I choose my favorite song. That was our theme song from this past summer.
MR: Being a senior, do you have any advice for underclassmen about going through college? SW: Study hard, stay on top of things, have fun, but take care of your responsibilities. Balance things out.
MR: What is your favorite holiday? SW: Can my birthday be counted as a holiday? Well, my birthday, because it’s my birthday, Thanksgiving because of the food and Christmas because I just like that time of year and my family comes together.
MR: Name one thing many people might not know about you? SW: That I have seen every episode of Seinfeld and I could quote pretty much everything from any episode. My favorite episode is where George’s fiancée is licking envelopes and she dies which is pretty funny but also sad, but definitely one of my favorites.