Q&A with a Razorback: Lavunce Askew

A: Getting better, the atmosphere and running through the ‘A’Q: How is it playing in the SEC?A: Very fast. You have to be on your toes or you will get knocked down.Q: Does you family have many opportunities to come watch you play?A: Sometimes, they live five hours away and gas as you know is really high.Q: What do you miss about playing for your hometown?A: Nothing really. My whole town is Arkansas fans so it’s like playing for them once again.Q: Do you miss being at home?A: From time to time I do, but I have family here in Fayetteville.Q: Did your family attend school at the University of Arkansas?A: No, besides my step-sisters I am the first to attend college out of my immediate family.Q: How long have you being playing football?A: Since I was in the ninth grade.Q: Did you play other sports?A: I played basketball until tenth grade and I also did the shot put for track, but football was always my favorite.Q: Living in Arkansas have you always dreamt about playing on the Razorback football team?A: Yes I have.Q: After being recruited from so many top schools how did you finally decide to come to Arkansas?A: It was close to home, the academics offered here, and the people.Q: Which players do you find yourself hanging out with most?A: I hang out with everybody on the football team.Q: What do you usually do in your spare time?A: We usually play Madden and do guy stuff.Q: Who do you idolize?A: My dad. On the field my idol is Warren Sapp though because he has an attitude on the field and calm on the streets and that’s how I am.Q: What is your favorite song right now?A: I am Feelin’ Kinda Hot Right NowQ: What size shoe do you wear?A: 13Q: What has been the most memorable game for you this year?A: AuburnQ: How do you usually prepare for a game?A: Sleep, wake up and pray.Q: Do you think you have improved since you have been a Razorback?A: I think I have improved a lot because of the strength and conditioning. It is very challenging but I work really hard.Q: Are you excited about the upcoming season?A: Yes I am excited about the next three years.Q: Is there anything you want you people to know about you?A: I just want to thank everyone who prays for me and please continue to do so.