Statements from Long and Pelphrey

FAYETTEVILLE – The University of Arkansas Athletic Department has released the following statements from Arkansas Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long and Head Men’s Basketball Coach John Pelphrey regarding the report submitted by Special Prosecutor H.G. Foster.

Jeff Long, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics“We are pleased that a second comprehensive and independent review of the serious allegations made against three men’s basketball student-athletes has found no criminal wrongdoing.Given that the student-athletes have been cleared and exonerated by independent investigations conducted by the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office and Special Prosecutor H.G. Foster, the reputations of the student-athletes falsely accused should be restored. With serious criminal allegations, it is even more important to allow the investigative process to run its course before passing judgment or condemning those who have been accused. “Coach Pelphrey has acted appropriately and decisively in addressing student-athlete conduct in our men’s basketball program and has demonstrated a commitment to our high expectations.Our athletic program is committed to working with student-athletes to foster their academic, athletic and social development while at the University of Arkansas.”John Pelphrey, Head Men’s Basketball Coach“I am happy that three young men on our basketball team have once again been cleared of any criminal misconduct. For the past five months, these young men and our program have been scrutinized in the court of public opinion based primarily upon unsupported allegations and speculation. I believe that the review conducted by the special prosecutor unequivocally demonstrates that these student-athletes did not commit any crime. Now that this process has been completed, we will continue to work with these young men to enable them to move forward in a positive fashion in their academic and athletic pursuits. “As always, we will continue to address disciplinary matters in a straight-forward manner and take action when players do not meet the high expectations of conduct required of our student-athletes. We will also continue to stand behind our student-athletes as our program remains committed to representing the University of Arkansas, individually and collectively, in an appropriate manner.”