Office of Student-Athlete Development Mission

The Student-Athlete Development mission is to prepare student-athletes for peak performance in life. We equip student-athletes with tangible skills and critical information that prepares our students for college experiences and life after college athletics.

Student-Athlete Development

The student-athlete development unit continues to expand its commitment to provide support, resources and opportunities in the following areas:

Career Development

  • Career Education
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Placement

Personal Development

  • Leadership & Character Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Education

Community Engagement

  • Youth Literacy
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Underserved Communities


The staff members of the student-athlete development unit are:

Justin Johnson, Director of Student-Athlete Development
Email: jjjohns@uark.edu
Phone: 479-575-2834

Krista K. Smith, Student-Athlete Development Coordinator/Academic Counselor (Volleyball)
Email: kbkolbin@uark.edu
Phone: 479-575-3073

Forrest Barnes, Student-Athlete Development Coordinator
Email: forrestb@uark.edu
Phone: 479-575-4056

Joe Carter, Student-Athlete Development Graduate Assistant
Email: jjcarter@uark.edu

Rio Virgoe, Student-Athlete Development Graduate Intern
Email: rdvirgoe@uark.edu

“‘We strive to provide every student-athlete with a remarkable, meaningful experience in every program, every time.”