Personal Development

Personal Development

The Personal Development pillar is responsible for the personal growth and character development of Razorback student-athletes. The department facilitates numerous personal development programs that focus on personal health, financial education, stress management, alcohol and drug education, and diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, we include programs that specifically cater to our international and female student-athlete populations.

Guest Speakers
Throughout the academic year the Department of Student-Athlete Development brings in professional speakers from all over the country. Speakers cover a variety of topics including but not limited to: personal brand management, drinking and driving, financial literacy, mental toughness, and general motivation. These speakers are experts in their fields and have proven effective in creating positive change in our student-athletes.

WHOLE (Women Helping Others Lead & Empower) Women
The purpose of WHOLE Women is to create an environment where the female student-athletes can create authentic relationships that promote empowerment, self-esteem, and unity.

International Hogs
Designed to promote an engaging environment that international student-athletes can consider home. Our staff encourages the celebration of their heritage and culture, as well as provides support by connecting our students with resources needed to successfully navigate campus and the community.

Financial Literacy
Financial decisions change lives. Divided into underclassman and upperclassman, student-athletes will receive training in different areas of financial education: debit, credit, salary based budgeting, and human resources.

Etiquette Dinner
Student-athletes have the opportunity to participate in dining etiquette events to garner proper dining skills while interacting with potential employers and for formal dining environments.