Tennis dominates weekend at Mock Duals

Columbia, Mo. – Saturday and Sunday were good days for the University of Arkansas women’s tennis team as they went a combined 19-3 in singles and doubles at the Missouri Mock Duals in Columbia, Missouri.

For the weekend, Arkansas went 29-6 in singles and doubles, topping all other teams at the tournament.

On Saturday the Lady Razorbacks began by winning three of four doubles matches against Kansas State in an 11-2 overall effort.Senior Karina Ledaja and sophomore Maryori Franco won on court one against Tamar Kvaratskvila and Katka Kudlackova, 8-2.

The win was one of eight for Ledaja this weekend. She was the only Lady’Back to finish the weekend undefeated.

“It’s very hard to win eight matches in three days,” said head coach Michael Hegarty. “Karina’s performance this weekend just goes to show what this team is really capable of this season.”

Miseviciute/Kaluder defeated Jessica Simosa and Olga Klimova, 8-2. At the Mock Duals, the pair won four matches out of five.

Freshmen Lindsey Brown and Rachel Wilehelm paired up for the first time this fall against Tereza Prochazkova and Maya Ristic. The first-year Lady’Backs won, 8-4.

In afternoon singles, Arkansas was invincible as they went a perfect six for six against Missouri. The team was led on court one by Miseviciute who blanked Lubica Nedasska 6-0, 6-0.

The Lady’Backs netted a similar result on court four from Franco. The sophomore gave up just one game to Charlotte Bellis in the 6-0, 6-1 result.

Sunday was even better for Lady’Backs as they tallied a would-be 6-1 win over Kansas State and Iowa State. In doubles, Arkansas received help from Senior Melissa Cornett and Audrey Bordeleau who paired up to defeat Simosa and Prochazkova, 8-2.

Final day singles mimicked Saturdays with the Lady Razorbacks winning five of six matches against Iowa State. Kaluder played on court one, defeating Jill Palen, 6-2, 6-1. Ledaja capped her 8-0 weekend run with a 6-4, 6-4 win over Danielle Uscinski.

“It was pleasing to see us gain strength as the weekend went on,” Hegarty said. “We are hitting our stride well for this early in the season.”

Arkansas women’s tennis takes a week off from fall play before traveling to the Big Apple for the USTA Collegiate Classic at Flushing Meadows Country Club on October 8-10. For more information on Arkansas tennis or any other Lady Razorback sport, please visit

Tennis Results:

Missouri Mock Duals

Columbia, Mo.

Doubles vs. Kansas State

1.Karina Ledaja/Maryori Franco def. Tamar Kvaratskvila/ Katka Kudlackova 8-2

2. Aurelija Miseviciute/Ela Kaluder def. Jessica Simosa/ Olga Klimova 8-2

3. Melissa Cornett/Audrey Bordeleau lost to Viviana Yrureta/ Fernanda Da Valle 8-6

4. Linden/ Wilhelm def. Tereza Prochazkova/ Maya Ristic 8-4

Doubles vs. Iowa State

1. Karina Ledaja/Maryori Franco def. Danielle Usinski/Chrissy Derouin 8-3

2. Aurelija Miseviciute/Ela Kaluder def. Eve Soriano/Jill Palen 8-1

3. Beth Chermel/Kara Hickey def. Melissa Cornett/Audrey Bordeleau 8-4

Singles vs. Missouri

1. Aurelija Miseviciute def. Lubica Nadasska 6-0 6-0

2. Ela Kaluder def. Yelena Olshanskaya 6-2 6-0

3. #53 Vlatka Jovanovic def. Erika Josbena 7-5 6-3

4. Maryori Franco def. Charlotte Bellis 6-0 6-1

5. Melissa Cornett def. Johns 6-4 6-3

6. Karina Ledaja def. Crull 6-1 6-3

Sunday Results

Doubles vs. Kansas St.

1. Miseviciute/Kaluder def. Kudlackova/Kvaratskhelia, 8-4

2. Franco/Ledaja def. DeValli/Yverita 8-3

3. Cornett/Bordeleau def. Simosa/Prochazkova, 8-2

Singles vs. Iowa State

1. Ela Kaluder def. Jill Palen 6-2, 6-1

2. Karina Ledaja def. Danielle Uscinski, 6-4, 6-4

3. Melissa Cornett def. Beth Churmel, 6-4, 6-2

4. Kara Hickey def. Audrey Bordeleau, 6-2, 4-6, 6-2

5. Rachel Wilhelm def. Chrissy Derouin, 6-3, 6-2

6. Lindsey Brown def. Charlotte Ljungkrantz, 6-2, 7-5