The Razorback game day football blog -- Florida

2:50 PM — That closes out the game day blog. Thanks for joining us. Remember, the Razorbacks are on the road next weekend at Auburn, so no game day live blog. The game is available on PPV for fans in the two respective states, and watch for more details here at Good afternoon from Fayetteville.

2:49 PM — On the day, Casey Dick surpasses Joe Ferguson on the UA career passing list, moving to seventh all-time. Michael Smith has his second 100-yard day.

2:48 PM — Casey Dick gets two completions, but takes a sack as the clock expires. The final, 38-7.

2:45 PM — Dennis Johnson’s return is out to the 23 yard line.

2:42 PM — 48-yard touchdown from Jeff Demps takes the score to 38-7. The 21-point fourth quarter by Florida is not indicative of the way this game has gone.

2:38 PM — Gators now change QBs, John Brantley is in. Gators face third and long. Brantley stands in against Shepperd’s pressure. He completes for the first down to the 41.

2:36 PM — Fourth down deep in Arkansas territory and the Razorbacks punt.

2:33 PM — Kickoff is out of the endzone again, and a first down penalty backs Arkanas to its own 10 to start the drive.

2:27 PM — Florida takes over and is content to run the ball and the clock. Tebow eeks out a first down, then takes a delay of game. Chris Rainey breaks away from the line of scrimmage for a long touchdown. PAT is good, and its 31-7 Florida.

2:21 PM — Smith up the middle to keep the ball well placed for the field goal. A 29-yard attempt by Shay Haddock is blocked by Ahmad Black. 7:24 left in the fourth quarter.

2:20 PM — A 13 yard run by Smith and Arkansas is at the 12. Gators stuff Smith on first down, but he’s over 100 yards for the second time this season.

2:17 PM — Michael Smith breaks out for 19 to move the ball to the UF 41.

2:14 PM — Kick is out of bounds, Arkansas will start 1st and 10 from the 35.

2:12 PM — Tebow finds Percy Harvin over the middle, touchdown. PAT is goos and it’s 24-7 Florida.

2:10 PM — Another Gator penalty — their 10th of the day — backs Florida up, but Tebow throws for just enough to negate and get the first down at the Razorback 40. He finds Thompson on the next play to move the sticks 19 yards to the 21.

2:06 PM — Today’s attendance is 70,072.

2:05 PM — Jeremy Davis’ punt takes an Arkansas bounce and the Gators will star at their own 17 yard line. TV timeout.

2:01 PM — Unusual catch by Michael Smith, he’s hit and the ball squirts out of bounds. Ruled a catch on the field, but the play is under review. This is our first review play of the day.

1:59 PM — Arkansas moves forward to the 45 yard line, third down, as we end the third quarter. Gators cling to a 10-point lead, 17-7.

1:56 PM — Jerry Franklin breaks Tim Tebow’s 203 attempt streak without a pick, Franklin returns it back to the Arkansas 40. The Tebow run was the longest in Florida history without an interception, and it was the third longest in SEC history.


1:56 PM — Again Tebow keeps the Gator drive moving. The sun is out bright without any clouds for the first time today; that shower is long gone.

1:53 PM — Tebow wills Gators to a short third down at the 44, but penetration by the Razorback line results in a fourth down and one at the 44. In the first half, the Gators went for it deep in their own territory. This time, Florida will fake the punt and find a gap for Brandon James to make a 10-yard run for the first down.

1:51 PM — Well, that looked very old-school wishbone-like as Tebow rides home of his backs before the hand-off for a first down.

1:51 PM — Lot of work for a little yardage; Razorback defense continues to look improved today.

1:50 PM — Brandon James swarmed at the 25 yard line, Gators will start there 1st and 10. Student section is now on its feet and the roar from the crowd.

1:48 PM — Right after the touchdown, a brief clear-sky rain shower. So Michael Smith’s running can bring both rain and points.

1:46 PM — TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS. Michael Smith roars through a tremendous hole on the right side of the line for a six-yard touchdown. The PAT is good and the score is Florida 17, Arkansas 7. Fireworks and pyrotechnic ensue from the roof of the Broyles Athletic Center. 7 plays 53 yards 3:27 on the drive.

1:45 PM — Next play, Dick rolls out on a naked bootleg to play pitch and catch with Adams, goes for a first down to the Gator 12. Coach Petrino comes back with what looks like the same play, but this time to Williams to move the ball to the six.

1:44 PM — Dick rolls out to his left behind a moving pocket provided by the Razorback line, throws across his body to Joe Adams for the first down.

1:42 PM — Casey Dick finds Smith on the under route for a first down; Razorbacks advance to the Gator 33 thanks to another tough run by Smith.

1:41 PM — Dennis Johnson takes it at the 14, slips one, then another Gator; works his way through a gang tackle for a 33 yard return. Razorbacks in business at their own 47.

1:38 PM — Tebow to Hernandez only gets a little past the original line of scrimmage; a 37 yard field goal by Jonathan Philips hangs up high in the wind but flutters through; Florida 17, Arkansas 0.

1:36 PM — Malcom Sheppard crushes Tebow with a head-on sack; loss back to the 30 for second down. Razorbacks get to Tebow with pressure to force an incomplete and third down and 17.

1:35 PM — Third and short and Adrian Davis and Dallas Washington stuff the Gators for no gain. Florida goes for it on fourth down — no backs in the backfield; Tebow straight ahead without hesitation, gets the first down.

1:32 PM — Tebow goes for the endzone, great defense to break up the play by Jamar Love. On second down, Gators manage the first down to the 35.

1:30 PM — Brandon James returns the kickoff back for a TD, but bring it all back for a block in the back. Gators start at their own 34.

1:24 PM — The sun may be out, but the wind is ripping the flags at the top of the stadium. It is fall cold after the morning showers.

1:18 PM — Band plays its’ Halloween set.

1:16 PM — Great halftime reception for the four Olympians who could make it today. There’s also a feature in today’s game program.

1:11 PM — You can tell the swim team is in attendance — big cheer when Yi Ting Siow, one of Arkansas 11 Beijing Games Olympians, is introduced at halftime.

1:06 PM — Joe Hayden picks Casey Dick at the one yard line, his momentum takes him into the endzone; he returns it out around the 25 yard line; penalty on Florida on the run back will set them at their own 12. Snap to kill the clock and we go to halftime — Florida 14, Arkansas 0.

1:04 PM — OH MY, Joe Adams pulls it down in full stride to move Arkansas to the Florida 32 yard line. Clock stops for the chains to move. Dick complete to Williams over the middle for six to the 25. Second time out.

1:02 PM — Drag route to Smith for 18 yards; moves Arkansas out to the 38 yard line; follows up with a sack by Casey Dick. Clock stops with Arkansas’ first time out of the half at 40 seconds.

1:02 PM — 61 seconds left for Arkansas’ final drive of the half — punt sailed into the endzone to set up 1st and 10 at the 20.

1:01 PM — Bounce pass from Tebow to his wide receiver, now fourth down and Gators opt for the punt.

12:59 PM — The two teams have a combined 15 penalties for 128 yards.

12:58 PM — Tebow almost sacked, barely gets the toss away. Second down, ball goes through Jerry Franklin’s hands for a near interception. Now 3rd and 10, crowd gets into it. Florida calls its final time out of the half.

12:57 PM — Florida moves ball near midfield, then a late hit advances the ball to the Arkansas 36.

12:54 PM — Gators not making a lot of progress, big 3rd and three. Should be just enough on the pass for 1st down.

12:51 PM — Big round of applause for the pilots and crew for today’s flyover. And just a little extra ovation for Lt. Sean Jones of Fayetteville. Read more from our pregame story on the flyover by the 90th Training Squadron.

12:49 PM — Florida holds and Jeremy Davis punts away. More flags. Illegal block in the back, Gators will start on its own 18. TV timeout.

12:46 PM — Dick to Smith, good yards after the catch and first and 10 for Arkansas out to its own 47.

12:43 PM — After the kickoff, reverse play on first down, and even though Florida saw it coming they couldn’t stop it. Nice stop and go slip by Joe Adams and a 16 yard gain.

12:41 PM — More whistles and flags — false start; so that’s the fifth penalty in the "drive" for Florida. Goes for naught with a 36-yard touchdown run; PAT is good and its 14-0 Florida.

12:39 PM — Tebow gets little on the run, maybe a half yard, then a hand to the face — 15 yards — pushes Florida back to the Arkansas 31.

12:37 PM — Gators get back to almost the original line of scrimmage, but on the punt, Michael Smith mishandles a difficult catch and the Gators recover the fumble. First and 10 at the Razorback 16. Unfortunate break as it looked like Arkansas was going to have a heck of a stand on what would have been one of the longest (7 plays) three and outs.

12:35 PM — FYI, Gators have to get to the 49 for the first down.

12:34 PM — Now a procedure penalty (not enough on the line); Tebow tries to scramble from the Arkansas pressure. He gets no gain and there’s a third straight flag on Florida. Holding, so make it 1st and Washington County to go (actually, 35 yards from the 13). Crowd as loud as we’ve heard this year at home; and they’re gonna get louder as Tebow throws incomplete.

12:33 PM — Holding on UF; sets up 1st and 20 at the 29.

12:31 PM — Tebow’s pass is incomplete, but a face mask on Arkansas rescues the Gators from fourth down; 1st and 10 at the UF 34.

12:29 PM — Short gain of four on a screen to the right, but I count 10 helmets swarming on the play. Razorback defense flying the football this afternoon. And the one other helmet? On the sprint from the off side when the play ended.

12:28 PM — Tebow gets the completion to move Florida out of the shadow of the goal posts.

12:26 PM — Cedric Johnson performs a tight rope act at the goal line and downs the ball at the one yard line. Gators will open this drive in the howling roar of the south end zone.

12:23 PM — Smith carries twice to set up third and three; little extra discussion among the players at the end of the second run. Casey Dick’s pass to DJ Williams incomplete thanks to some smothering Gator defense. The crowd reacts adversely to the play; then even more to the replay. Razorbacks take a delay of gain to allow for more punting room.

12:21 PM — The crowd appreciates Casey Dick’s heads-up game management with the sack avoiding throw away. He sustains a punishing hit while making a completion to Joe Adams for the first down. Adams gets the Gator defensive back out of his shoe — literally.

12:20 PM — Razorbacks get a false start penalty on first down; Smith wipes that out with a nine yard carry to set up 2nd and 6

12:19 PM — Smith busts out across the right side for 16 yards to open the second quarter. First and 10 now at the 44.

12:15 PM — Smith battles through the Gators for a nine yard gain; 2nd and one. Smith having a great start to the day. That’s the end of the first quarter. Florida 7, Arkansas 0.

12:14 PM — Booming 56 yard punt, fielded by Smith. He slips one, two, three Gators, finally stopped after a six yard return. First and 10 at the 19.

12:12 PM — Adrian Davis starts the series with a six yard loss for the Gators; Razorbacks holding and now Gators going on fourth and one at own 32. Florida calls a timeout with 10 on the play clock since Arkansas’ defense was not going to jump off sides.

2:06 PM — Dick makes the completion, but DJ Williams wrestled to the ground by a pair of Gators just short of the first down. TV timeout.

12:05 PM — Casey scrambles for no gain, has second down broken up; now a flag on the play at the snap. False start. The wind that was out of the south when the rains came this morning has shifted to the north. Getting chilly. Casey dumps off a screen to Smith for a nine yard gain. Going again on fourth down.

12:04 PM — Smith tears up the middle of the Gators for a 13 yard gain and another first down. Razorbacks at Gator 31.

12:03 PM — Dick from the shotgun, finds DJ Williams slicing across the middle. Williams gets the yards after the catch to take the ball to the Gator 44 yard line.

11:59 AM — Interception by Ahmad Black, but it’s all coming back due to a roughing the passer penalty on Gators. First down Arkansas at the 39.11:57 AM — Gator kick off out of the endzone, Razorbacks open again on the 20. Two incompletes before Michael Smith busts up the middle for a 10 yard carry and the first down.

11:53 AM — Tebow makes the shovel pass for the touchdown; 7-0 Gators. TV timeout.

11:51 AM — Tebow dives for two; 3rd and goal at the three. Crowd roars to life and Gators take their first time out of the game.

11:50 AM — Tebow stopped for a loss by true freshman Jerry Franklin. Loses his helmet in the hit, still takes Tebow to the turf.

11:48 AM — Florida held at six; 3rd and one, crowd comes to life. Gators working into the bowl of the South Endzone. Jamar Love breaks up the pass; fourth and one, Gators go for it. Tebow on the sneak, just enough for the first down.

11:46 AM — Razorbacks swarm for a no-loss tackle, and off-setting penalties will leave the ball in place at the 15, first and 10 again.

11:46 AM — Tebow completes to the Arkansas 15.

11:45 AM — Percy Harvin breaks through for 13 to the Arkansas 42.

11:44 AM — Gators go max coverage and get a coverage sack to regain the ball on downs.

11:43 AM — Joe Adams across the middle to set up a fourth and four; Coach Petrino goes for it.

11:41 AM — Smith gets back most of the false start penalty; 3rd and 10 at the 38.

11:39 AM — London Crawford on the crossing route, good for 23 out to the 49. Dick completes to Smith for another first down. Razorbacks rolling to the 38 of the Gators.

11:38 AM — Michael Smith finds the corner, gets hit and about half of both teams think he’s down. Smith doesn’t and he advances upfield to the 26.

11:36 AM — Into and out of the south endzone, Razorbacks start off with Casey Dick from the 20.

11:32 AM — Gators win the toss and elect to defer; Razorbacks will receive to open the game.

11:24 AM — Razorback choral performs the National Anthem as the T-28s roar overhead. Very impressive.

11:15 AM — Razorbacks leave from warmups to a rousing ovation, and stepping onto the field is the Razorback band. Austin Hicks of Calico Rock, Ark., is today’s ball kid contest winner.

11:08 AM — SEC associate commissioner and media relations director Charles Bloom is in the press box today.

10:50 AM — A sure sign that we won’t likely have more rain: The Razorback Marching Band enters the field in full uniform, including hats and pomades.

10:43 AM — On cue, here come the Razorback specialists out to warm up. Looks like the red home jerseys and the solid white pants for today’s game.

10:41 AM — Tusk makes his entry into Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Tusk and the cheerleaders were set to make the rounds this morning. Tusk’s being pulled in by his new Dodge truck; custom with some big Classic Razorback graphics on the hood and sides.

10:38 AM — Crowds of official visitors are starting to gather near the inflatable Hog; the fans are starting to move into the entrances of the stadium. Still a little overcast, but no rain left on the radar.

10:28 AM — Today’s flyover should be dramatic. The squadron made training runs yesterday, and you forget just how loud a T-38 trainer is compared to combat aircraft like the A-10s and F-18s we’ve had earlier. They will rattle the windows.

10:15 AM — Gator specialists are out without pads to warmup.

10:00 AM — Sun is peaking through, and the crowd is starting to some out into the stadium. Ends up just being a nice washdown for the stadium

9:30 AM — Rains stopping, but it’s still cloudy.

9:00 AM — Clearing up at the stadium, but the radar shows we may have one more shower. Still, the forecast looks solid for a clear day by kickoff.

8:45 AM — Starting to see some sun to the west.

8:34 AM — Rain starting to slack off already.

8:21 AM — Morning from Fayetteville. Rain is falling, but should be halting in about 30 minutes.