Third Party Facility Rental Policies

1. Event Limited Use License Agreement: A License Agreement will be generated for every event. The agreement will be between the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (“Licensor”) and the sponsoring organization/person from the requesting agency (“Licensee”). The agreement will outline the authorized areas, term, and financial obligation. The agreement must be signed and returned to the University prior to the event date. A fully executed copy will be supplied to the Licensee.

2. Fees and Charges: A cost estimate will outline all anticipated costs of the event and will be sent to the licensee prior to the execution of the Limited Use License Agreement. The cost estimate will include licensee fee and any applicable reimbursable expenses. Reimbursable expenses include but are not limited to staffing, janitorial, set & strike, and audio visual. A deposit may be required prior to holding any dates. A final invoice will be sent after the event and the remaining balance must be paid within 30 days. Any additional fees incurred will be included on the final invoice. Additional fees can include but are not limited to facility damage, excessive cleanup, and longer than requested usage.

3. Insurance: Licensee shall provide the University a certificate of liability insurance from a carrier acceptable to the University with a Best’s rating of no less than A – VII, as evidence of insurance coverage for the use of the Facility and the Event. This insurance shall be primary coverage, and will contain no terms allowing the insurer to be subrogated to the rights of any injured or damaged person or entity. The insurance must name the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, its agents, officers, employees and volunteers, as “additional insureds”. The University reserves the right to require additional coverage limits depending on the nature of the event, but the required minimum coverage shall include:

• Commercial General Liability (including Products Liability): No less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per each occurrence for bodily injury, products liability, contractual liability, personal injury and property damage, with Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) annual aggregate.
• Worker’s Compensation: Worker’s Compensation Limits as required by the State of Arkansas.
• Comprehensive Automobile Liability: Not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) combined single limit coverage for bodily injury and property damage. Any policy shall cover any vehicle being used in the management, operation, or delivery deriving from LICENSEE’S operations.
• Umbrella Policy: Five Million Dollars ($ 5,000,000.00) limit of liability per occurrence.
• Property Insurance: Coverage being for 100% of the replacement cost of LICENSEE’S property located on the Premises.

Licensee can opt to purchase the required insurance through the University of Arkansas at a set rate per attendee. These costs will be the responsibility of the Licensee and included on the final invoice.

4. Staffing: The type and degree of staffing required to support an event held in U of A facilities will depend upon the facility and nature of the event. The U of A reserves the right to determine staffing levels. Landmark Staffing is the only company authorized to staff events in athletic facilities. UAPD and Central EMS, when required and/or requested, will be booked by the Event Manager. All expenses associated with the provision of staffing during events held in U of A facilities will be incurred by the licensee.

5. Catering: The University of Arkansas Athletics Department is contracted with Levy for all U of A athletic venues. The Event Manager will provide a contact to the licensee who will need to contact Levy Catering directly. All catering costs will be paid directly to Levy. An outside caterer may be used for specialty items (ie. Wedding cake) with prior written approval from the Event Manager.

6. Alcohol: Alcoholic beverage service is allowed in some athletic venues and must be served by a licensed bartender from Levy. The Event Manager will provide a contact to the licensee who will need to contact Levy Catering directly. All bartender/alcohol costs will be paid directly to Levy. No outside alcohol may be brought into the facility. Any event with alcohol will be required to have a minimum of one uniformed UAPD officer on site. The Event Manager will schedule the officer and the costs will be included as a reimbursable expense to the Licensee.

7. Event and Technical Services: The Facilities Operations Department will attempt to accommodate any and all requests for technical services. Requests for these services should be made through your event manager. Technical services can include but are not limited to PA setup, background music, TV graphics/cable. Additional fees may apply.

8. Third Party Vendors: The Licensee may contract with a third party vendor for certain specialty items, sound and A/V equipment, and decorations. All vendors must be approved by the event manager. Licensee must contract directly with these vendors and vendors must adhere to the time parameters set forth in the License Agreement.

9. Parking Regulations: Licensee shall become aware of, and comply with, all University parking regulations and rules. No dedicated or reserved parking spaces are available to Licensee. Unless specifically written in the License Agreement, Licensee is not gaining limited or exclusive access to any parking lots of the University. Please contact Transit and Parking at 479.575.7275 or to arrange all parking needs.

10. Weapons: Refer to applicable Arkansas State Laws

11. Fundraising: Per University of Arkansas Board policy 715.1, the use of any University of Arkansas facility for the purpose of private fundraising is prohibited. Including but not limited to ticket sales, table sales, silent auction etc.

12. Decorations: Any decorations brought in by the Licensee, or a third party vendor, must have prior approval from the event manager. At no point should anything be affixed to a wall, window, door, ceiling etc. Non-Helium filled balloons are allowed.

13. Advertising: Any advertising or announcements of the event should not include any University of Arkansas trademarked logos. Any mention of the University should be limited to the venue name and address for direction purposes only. NO ANNOUNCEMENTS OR ADVERTISING MAY BE DONE UNTIL AN EVENT CONFIRMATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED.