Volleyball Other Records

AVAC All-American1997–Jessica Field (2nd team)1998–Kim Storey (2nd team)2003–Sara Kincaid (Honorable Mention)2003–Roberta Tarnauskaite (Honorable Mention)2006–Denitza Koleva (Honorable Mention)AVCA National Player of the Week1998–Kim Storey (O. 5)AVCA All-District 4/All-Region1994–Krystal Osborne (Third Team) 1995–Denise Baez1996–Denise Baez, Tina Rico1997–Tina Rico, Yarleen Santiago, Jessica Field, Krystal Osborne1998–Jessica Field, Jamie Rohme, Yarleen Santiago, Kim Storey1999–Yarleen Santiago, Ning Zhao2000–Eftila Tanellari, Libby Windell2001–Eftila Tanellari, Libby Windell2002–Libby Windell, Sara Kincaid (Hon. Mention)2003–Sara Kincaid, Roberta Tarnauskaite, Denitza Koleva (HM)2005–Amy Allison (Honorable Men.)2006– Denitza Koleva

District 4 Freshman of the Year2000–Libby WindellNCAA East Regional All-Tournament Team1998–Kim StoreyAVCA District 4 Coach of the Year1997–Chris PooleSuccessful Farming All-American1997–Jessica Field (team captain)1998–Jessica Field (team captain)U.S. Olympic Festival Team1995–Krystal Osborne (alt.)U.S. National Team1998 –Jessica Field (summer)All Southeastern Conference1994–Krystal Osborne (1st), Jaimie Torromeo (2nd)1995–Krystal Osborne (1st), Denise Baez (1st)1996–Denise Baez (1st), Tina Rico (1st), Kim Storey (2nd)1997–Tina Rico (1st), Jessica Field (1st), Yarleen Santiago (1st), Krystal Osborne (2nd), Kim Storey (2nd)1998–Jessica Field (1st), Jamie Rohme (1st), Kim Storey (1st), Yarleen Santiago (2nd), Ning Zhao (2nd)1999–Yarleen Santiago (1st), Ning Zhao (1st), Libby Windell (2nd), Ashanti Taylor (2nd)2000–Michell Coens (2nd), Eftila Tanellari (1st), Libby Windell (1st)2001–Eftila Tanellari (1st), Libby Windell (1st), Michelle Coens (2nd), Jennifer Haaser (2nd), Anna Velikanova (2nd)2002*–Libby Windell (1st), Sara Kincaid (2nd)2003**–Sara Kincaid (1st), Roberta Tarnauskaite (1st), Jennifer Haaser (2nd), Denitza Koleva (all-freshman team), Kele Brewer (all-freshman team)2004–Jennifer Haaser (2nd), Ashley Miller (all-freshman team),–Jessica Dorrell (all-freshman team)2005–Amy Allison (2nd), Christina Lawrence (all-freshman team)2006–Denitza Koleva (2nd), Destiny Clark (all-freshman team)2007–Jessica Dorrell (2nd), Sarah Freudenrich (all-freshman team)*Changed from 12 member 1st and 2nd teams to 6 member teams this year.**Format changed to two teams of seven and an all-freshman teamSEC All-Tournament Team1995–Krystal Osborne1996–Denise Baez, Krystal Osborne1997–Krystal Osborne (MVP), Tina Rico, Kim Storey, Yarleen Santiago1998–Jessica Field, Yarleen Santiago, Kim Storey1999–Yarleen Santiago2001–Jennifer Haaser, Eftila Tanellari, Libby Windell2002–Libby Windell, Anna Velikanova2003–Sara Kincaid, Roberta Tarnauskaite2004–Kele Brewer2005–Amy AllisonSEC Player of the Week1994–Krystal Osborne (Nov. 12)1995–Denise Baez (Nov. 19)1996–Denise Baez (Oct. 14)1997–Tina Rico (Sept. 2)1997–Jessica Field (Sept. 16)1997–Kim Storey (Sept. 30)1998–Kim Storey (Sept. 21) (Oct. 5)1998–Jessica Field (Oct. 27)1999–Yarleen Santiago (Week 2, Week 10)2000–Libby Windell (Nov. 6)2001–Anna Velikanova (Sept. 24)2001–Eftila Tanellari (Oct. 1)2002–Sara Kincaid (Week 5)2003–Sara Kincaid (Week 5, Week 6)2007–Jessica Dorrell (Week 1, Week 8)SEC Defensive Player of the Week (New Award for 2003)2003–Sara Kincaid (Week 8)2004–Karla Crose (Oct. 5)2005–Amy Allison (Week 6 & 8)2005–Karla Crose (Week 10)2006–Ashley Miller (Week 1)2006–Destiny Clark (Week 5)2007–Ashley Miller (Week 12)SEC Coach of the Year1994–Chris Poole2003–Chris PooleSEC Freshman of the Year1999–Libby Windell2001–Jennifer Haaser2003–Denitza Koleva (co-fr. of the year)SEC All-Freshman Team (New Award for 2003)2003–Kele Brewer, Denitza Koleva2004–Jessica Dorrell, Ashley Miller2005–Christina Lawrence2006–Destiny ClarkSEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year2002–Libby Windell2004–Jennifer HaaserSEC Good Works Team2002–Libby Windell2003–Jennifer Haaser2004–Jennifer Haaser2005–Amy Allison2006–Amy Allison2007–Sarah Freudenrich2008–Kelli Stipanovich