Wednesday football practice report

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The University of Arkansas football team returned to the practice field Wednesday afternoon for a two-hour workout. Following Wednesday’s practice inside Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, UA’s defensive coordinator Willy Robinson spoke with the media.

On watching the Missouri State game film:

"I thought our ones played really well. They played up to our expectations. They flew around. We had very few missed tackles. We had assignment-free mistakes and I thought we played pretty physical."

On being on the sidelines during the game:

"What goes on on the sideline is so much more emotionally involved. There can be a communication break when you are trying to paint the picture you see from the press box to the coaches on the sideline. I felt really comfortable there. "

On the progress of the line backers:

"We have three solid linebackers in Freddy (Burton), Wendel (Davis) and Jerry (Franklin). They play best when they are always looking over their shoulder. I say that because, on any given day, the substitution situation can roll on until you get into a solidified situation where you are doing things right all the time. The starting unit understands that. There is nothing that says they have to be the starter in the next game. Our kids respond to that type of pressure. We’ll continue to make changes if it needs to happen."

On the play of the play of the safeties and the corners again Missouri State:

"The first-year guy who played really well and graded out well was (Rudell) Crim. I thought Tramain Thomas played really solid. He flew around and made solid tackles. Matt Harris did a nice job. He showed up and he was physical."

On the Rudell Crim and David Gordon:

"Crim graded out really well. Effort-wise, technique-wise, good tackling. David (Gordon) did a great job with his assignments. His technique needs some work but I liked the big hit on the sideline during the fourth quarter. He read it well and went after it well."