Zsuzsa Csobanki 's Olympic Diary - Second Entry

This is the second in a series of diary entries written by University of Arkansas Lady Razorback swimmer Zsuzsa Csobanki from the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. Csoboanki, an incoming senior from Budapest, Hungary, is making her first Olympic appearance for the Hungarian team. This is her experience in her own words. Csobanki wrote: Today was so much better, I really did not know that it will like that. Today I had so much fun. I woke up at 8:00 in the morning. My first stop was the dining hall. I could not even decide what I wanted to eat. After eating, I went to the pool on a the bus from the Olympic Village. We had a bus station and if you had an credential you could choose any bus to go any of the stadiums. Of course, if you want to see a game, you need a ticket even though you are an athlete. But every country gets some free tickets and we just have to ask from them. So today after finished my warm up, I stayed in the pool and watched the prelims. It is incredible; however, it is "just" a morning swim. I swam in the Olympic pool. It is so nice and fast. I saw some coaches from America, I said hi to one of them, he is a coach in Georgia. You know, how much I like Georgia’s coaches. It was funny, because when I finally decided to say hi to him and asked him to remember me, he had to watch one of his swimmers’ turns, and he could not see her, because I was there. Then today, I went a handball game. It was so different than a swimming competition. The field is so small compared to the swimming pool. The Hungarian team and France had a game, unfortunately we lost. One of my friends and I came back on the same bus the handball team did. I really enjoyed it. Then the finals. I swam another warm-up. I swam fast, I did a couple sprints, I swam 11.7 and 11.8 on 25 meter. I cannot do the same start that I did in Arkansas, I totally forget. Two of my legs in front of the starting block, I did just this kind in Hungary. I tried to do the one leg start, but I cannot. The final was incredible again. We had a second-place in 200-meter men’s breaststroke. We were so exited. Agnes is 6th in the semifinal at 200-meter breaststroke. She will swim and Cseh is 3rd in 200 IM in the semifinals after two Americans. Risztov was 8th in 200 fly. So we had some good events today. Every day is so fast, I am so tired. But I cannot wait to wake up and see what will happen tomorrow. Love, Zsuzsa