Strength & Conditioning Internships

Strength & Conditioning Internships


Develop students into effective coaches who will help grow and enhance the strength & conditioning field and the student athletes they work with throughout their career.


  • Provide each intern with exposure to Strength & Conditioning principles and how they are used within University of Arkansas’s Strength & Conditioning programs.
  • Provide each intern with exposure to administrative and maintenance processes and their role within the Strength & Conditioning program.
  • Provide each intern with knowledge of exercises, coaching cues, and teaching progressions.



  • Assist in the implementation of Arkansas’s Strength & Conditioning program.
  • Assist in the administrative and maintenance duties involved in the Strength & Conditioning program.
  • Participation in Arkansas’s Strength & Conditioning Internship curriculum.
  • Maintain a training log/get under the barbell



  • SEC Strength & Conditioning experience
  • College Credit
  • Individual Professional Development
  • Earned Recommendations



  • All applicants should be highly motivated, hardworking and possess a strong desire to become a strength and conditioning professional with a definitive plan to take a nationally recognized certification (CSCCa, NSCA, USAW, etc.) upon completion of the internship, if not sooner.
  • Applicants should be aware that is an UNPAID position with the possibility of long days and early-morning sessions.



Please submit a cover letter and resume with 3 references to the appropriate strength & conditioning contact.

For Baseball: Blaine Kinsley

For Basketball/ Tennis: Dave Richardson

For all other Olympic Sports: Emily Guimond


*Please contact Football S&C directly for internship information