Baum-Walker Stadium

Baum-Walker Stadium

When discussing the best college baseball facilities in the country, Baum Stadium is consistently among one of the first places mentioned. With room for more than 10,000 spectators, an impeccable playing surface and amenities that rival most minor league ballparks, it is the crown jewel of the collegiate ranks. Of course the physical properties of Baum Stadium are only a portion of the baseball experience with the remainder in the form of fans that flock to the corner of Razorback Road and 15th Street to watch their Razorbacks take on all comers.

Officially named Baum Stadium at George Cole Field at its dedication on May 3, 1996, the facility derives its name from primary backers as well as from the history of Razorback baseball. Arkansas’ facility prior to Baum Stadium was George Cole Field, and the new park preserved the tradition with its current name.

In 1998, Baum Stadium received a special honor when it was named the nation’s number one facility in Baseball America’s poll of best college facilities. Five years later it took second in the same poll, cementing its legacy as one of the best facilities in the nation. Since its construction, Arkansas officials have received numerous solicitations by coaches and administrators from across the country for blueprints and tours of the Razorbacks’ home ballpark in an attempt to capture some of its charm. Even though Baum Stadium has been replicated to some degree, no other place in the country has the atmosphere that Baum Stadium brings to college baseball which is why it has been the host to five NCAA Regionals and a NCAA Super Regional.

Baum Stadium was one of the nation’s best facilities when it was constructed, but since then, it has undergone three renovations making it the envy of visiting teams. The first upgrade came prior to the 2003 season when the hitting and pitching cages were enclosed to ensure a place for Razorback players to practice year round. A total of 2,600 chair back seats were added to the park, 1,300 of which reside on each foul line.

Stadium Facts
10,737 424-168 (.716) April, 13 1996 (Arkansas 8, Auburn 2) May 3, 1996 (Arkansas 9, Alabama 3)
Stadium Named For Field Named For
Charlie Baum George Cole
Opponent Date Attendance
Auburn Apr. 26, 2014 11,742
LSU Apr. 9, 2011 11,103
Arizona State Apr. 8, 2009 11,014
Mississippi State Apr. 16, 2011 10,784
LSU May 5, 2007 10,581
LSU May 4, 2007 10,147
South Carolina Apr. 5, 2014 10,103
Auburn Apr. 25, 2014 10,087
Ole Miss May 21, 2011 10,084
Florida State* June 12, 2004 10,027
* NCAA Super Regional