Download Website Icon To Your Mobile Home Screen

In an effort to streamline your online and mobile experience, we are adding a feature to save the new website to your mobile device’s home screen. The first time you access our new website, you’ll be prompted with an option to save the website to your home screen. Soon, you will never be more than a touch away from the latest Razorback information on your mobile device.

Now that is fully responsive and optimized for any device, we will be discontinuing our official app (icon looks like this). Please note, however, the game day app (icon looks like this) will remain untouched and you will continue to find game day specific items such as live audio, stats and game day guides.

Steps to save an icon to your home screen:

STEP 1 (click for screenshot)

STEP 2 (click for screenshot)

STEP 3 (click for screenshot)