Episode 71: Arkansas Joins the SEC

Thirty years ago, something happened that would change the course of Arkansas athletics forever — the Razorbacks left the Southwest Conference for the SEC. It’s a move that has been a boon for the Razorbacks — not only did they join what’s become the best conference in collegiate athletics, but the financial benefits have allowed Arkansas to be nationally competitive with some of the best facilities in the country. But the move didn’t happen overnight. It took thought, planning and vision from legendary Razorback athletic director Frank Broyles. Without him, who knows where Arkansas might’ve ended up? So how did everything come together? What were those meetings between Arkansas and the SEC like? And what made the Razorbacks attractive to a league looking to expand? In this episode, former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer takes us back to how it all happened, with the help of archived audio from the late Frank Broyles.