Student Halloween Costume Contest

In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our stadium by all guests, we ask that certain standards of dress and etiquette be maintained. The following rules will apply for the costume contest:

–  All costumes must be PG-13 friendly. If your costume offends your mom or grandma, please leave it at home.

–  No props allowed into stadium (ex. Swords, light sabers, brooms, weapons of any kind, etc.)

–  Costumes must fit within the confines of an individual’s seat and not expand into others’ viewing area so as to block other patrons (meaning both width and height)
-Masks must be removed while entering the stadium. If masks are worn, care must be taken so as to not limit one’s vision and ability to safely navigate.

–  Costumes may be checked by event management to help prevent prohibited items being brought into stadium.


1st place: $500
nd place: $250
rd place: $100