Tailgating Policy

Tailgating Policy

Tailgating at the University of Arkansas is a cherished part of the Razorback game day tradition, but with the celebration comes responsibility. Please follow the policies below to ensure a wonderful home game experience.

The heart of tailgating at the University of Arkansas is The Gardens, located south of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium near Bud Walton Arena, as well as the many priority parking lots and green spaces surrounding the football stadium.

Policy Purpose

The University’s tailgating policy is designed to achieve many important objectives, including ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of all game day patrons, enhancing the safety, security, and well-being of all staff responsible for game day activities, and safeguarding and preserving all University property and facilities. These policies apply to all University property on game days and as further described below.


Tailgating for personal entertainment and non-commercial purposes is permitted throughout campus on game day, subject to all other provisions of this policy and other applicable University policies.

Corporate/commercial tailgates, for which the sponsors display commercial- or business-related signage, banners, or marketing items or charge participants, require prior approval by the University of Arkansas. Prime reserved spaces for tailgating are available at the Gardens. Please contact the Ticket Office at (479) 575-5151 to receive appropriate approvals and to purchase a reserved spot in The Gardens.

Signage and Banners

Banners and signage recognizing businesses may not be displayed nor may promotional materials be distributed without prior approval by the University of Arkansas Department of Athletics. Razorback Sports Properties (RSP) is the University’s multi-media rights holder, and RSP possesses the rights to game day signage. Accordingly, only companies that have corporate partnership agreements with UA Athletics/RSP may display their signage. Companies interested in more information on this subject should contact Razorback Sports Properties at (479) 575-6579.


Business solicitation and fundraising within UA facilities or on UA premises are prohibited unless specifically approved by the University of Arkansas. Game day distribution of flyers or leaflets on parked vehicles is expressly prohibited. UA does not allow the sale or distribution of goods and services on the UA campus, except as permitted by applicable University policies and governing law.

Political Activity

Signage regarding political candidates or issues may not be displayed at tailgating locations nor may political materials be distributed on game day without a space reservation for such purpose by the University of Arkansas. Political tailgates and literature distribution are limited to designated locations. Contact the University Facilities Management Department, (479) 575-6441, prior to game day for information on the approval process and permissible locations.

Tents, Awnings and Supplies

Setting up tents, awnings, and similar equipment may commence at 5 p.m. on the day immediately preceding the game, most typically on Friday for a Saturday game. The items must be taken down and removed by noon on the day immediately following game day, typically Sunday. Tents must be secured with water ballasts, concrete blocks or similar type anchor weights. Stakes may not be used to anchor any tent or awning. Tents and awnings may not be chained to landscaping or signs.

Any such items that are set up outside of this timeframe or that collapse or are blown off their sites will be removed by the University, at the owner’s expense. The Campus Lost and Found, located at the Facilities Management Department, (479) 575-3849, may be contacted for information about how items may be recovered. Items not claimed within 60 days may be disposed of by the University at its discretion and without liability.

All vehicles must have a valid parking permit to enter any priority parking lots. Anyone leaving tailgating supplies unattended does so at their own risk. Drop-offs are not permitted on game day in any priority parking lot. Once you enter the lot and the stub on your parking pass is torn, you will not be permitted to re-enter the lot should you decide to leave for any reason.


Size: 10′ by 10′ is the maximum size permitted without advance written permission from the University’s Facilities Management Department or the Athletics Marketing Office;

Anchoring: In order for movement in an emergency and to avoid damage to pavement or the risk of hitting underground utility lines, tents cannot be staked to the ground. Tents must be secured with water ballasts or similar type anchor weights.

Parking lot: Must be set up in a location that does not take another fan’s parking space or in any way impede pedestrian or vehicle travel lanes.

Sidewalks: Sidewalks must be left open for pedestrians. Grass area between parking stalls and sidewalks may be used for tailgating.

Purpose: Tents must be for fan entertainment only and not for commercial purposes. No commercial business or display may be made without prior approval from University of Arkansas Licensing Office (479 575-5037).

Prohibited Areas

Tents, awnings, similar items, and tailgating activities of any kind are prohibited on several locations including campus sidewalks, intramural fields, student residential areas and landscape spaces that are not designated as “tailgating space.” Tailgating activity that takes up vacant parking spaces or otherwise interferes with vehicle movement within a parking lot is prohibited. Tailgating around Priority parking lots will be limited to priority permit holders for that lot. A map indicating designated tailgating locations is included with this policy.


Trailers and vehicles are prohibited from parking on the grass except in certain designated tailgating areas. Driving or parking on soft or wet grounds is prohibited

Only licensed motor vehicles are allowed to park in university parking lots. For example, even if an individual has two parking spots within a priority lot, one parking permit cannot be used for a trailer or cooker, except in designated areas. Only two licensed motor vehicles may park in these slots.

To ensure the personal safety of campus visitors, only licensed motor vehicles may be used on the streets of the University of Arkansas campus. No non-university ATVs, personal tractors (on or off road), non-licensed utility vehicles, golf carts or any off-road vehicles are allowed anywhere on campus, including, but not limited to roadways, sidewalks and the grounds of the University. The rule of thumb is that only “street legal” vehicles may operate on the streets and roadways on the University of Arkansas campus. The only exceptions are utility vehicles used by the University of Arkansas or local law enforcement and emergency personnel for official purposes.

Food, Beverage and Tobacco Use

Food and beverages shall be for personal consumption only. Sales are prohibited. Propane gas and charcoal grills with covers are permitted; provided, however, that the operator of any grill is responsible for its safe operation as well as for the proper clean up of any ashes. Hot coals may not be placed on the ground and ashes may not be left or dumped on campus property. Depending on environmental and fire risk conditions, the University may prohibit all grilling. Grilling and open flames are prohibited in all University of Arkansas parking garages.

The public display and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

The Clean Air on Campus Act of 2009 prohibits smoking on the University of Arkansas Campus. University policy prohibits the use of all tobacco products on campus.

Each “tailgating party” is expected to dispose of their own trash and recyclables using the existing waste disposal and recycling units provided for by the University. This includes empty fuel containers. Charcoal must be disposed of properly. Please do not place charcoal or other flammables in trashcans, under trees or leave it in the parking areas. Designated charcoal receptacles will be placed in certain parking lots surrounding Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium and The Gardens.

Facilities and Generators

Hooking into, connecting to, or similar use of University utilities and/or television or communication cable services is prohibited. Use of generators and other electric generating equipment for tailgates is permitted; however, please take noise considerations into account with your operation of generators and portable sound systems for your fellow tailgaters. The University reserves the right to prohibit the use of any generator or sound system deemed disruptive to others.

The University will provide portable toilets at convenient locations around the grounds. Individuals, groups or businesses are prohibited from bringing or arranging the delivery of their own toilets.