Trio of National Championship meets for Arkansas crew

EUGENE – This week is national championship time for 21 athletes affiliated with the Arkansas men’s program. Competition will include the United States, Canada, and Jamaica Championships with World Championship berths on the line.

The USATF Championships will be held at Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus along with the USATF U20 Championships, which will qualify individuals for the World U20 Championships in Cali, Colombia.

Current Razorbacks entered in the USATF Championships include James Benson (400m), Kieran Taylor (800m), Tre’Bien Gilbert (110H), Matthew Lewis-Banks (110H), Daniel Spejcher (110H), and John Baker (long jump).

Arkansas alums entered include Marqueze Washington (200m & 400m), Frankline Tonui (Steeple), Andrew Irwin (Pole Vault), and Erich Sullins (Hammer). Also competing are Arkansas volunteer assistant Ryan Crouser (Shot Put) and Darryl Sullivan, Jr. (High Jump), who trains in Fayetteville with Razorback assistant coach Travis Geopfert.

Competing in the USATF Junior meet are Brandon Battle (400m) and Connor Washington (100m & 200m).

Razorbacks competing in the Jamaica Championships include Jeremy Farr (400m), Phillip Lemonious (110H), Devontie Archer (400H) and Ryan Brown (Long Jump & Triple Jump). Leroy Russell III (800m) competes in the Canada Championships.

Arkansas alums in the Jamaica Championships includes Omar McLeod (110H) and Kemar Mowatt (400H).

Both of those meets will also be qualifying athletes to the Commonwealth Games this summer in Birmingham, England.

USATF Schedule (PT) | June 23-26 | Live results:

Thursday | June 23

4:00 p.m. M 800 First Round Kieran Taylor
6:05 p.m. M Steeple First Round Frankline Tonui
7:36 p.m. M 400 First Round Marqueze Washington

Friday | June 24

12:34 p.m. M 100 U20 First Round Connor Washington
2:47 p.m. M 400 U20 First Round Brandon Battles
4:43 p.m. M 100 U20 FINAL (Connor Washington)
5:45 p.m. M Long Jump FINAL John Baker
6:42 p.m. M Shot Put FINAL Ryan Crouser
7:46 p.m. M 800 Semi-Final (Kieran Taylor)
8:25 p.m. M 400 Semi-Final (Marqueze Washington)

Saturday | June 25

Noon M Pole Vault FINAL Andrew Irwin
12:35 p.m. M 110H First Round Tre’Bien Gilbert, Matthew Lewis-Banks, Daniel Spejcher
2:04 p.m. M Steeple FINAL (Frankline Tonui)
2:31 p.m. M 400 FINAL (Marqueze Washington)
3:05 p.m. M 200 U20 First Round Connor Washington
4:25 p.m. M 400 U20 FINAL (Brandon Battles)
5:37 p.m. M 200 U20 FINAL (Connor Washington)

Sunday | June 26

12:25 p.m. M High Jump FINAL Darryl Sullivan, Jr.
1:04 p.m. M 110H Semi-Final (Gilbert, Lewis-Banks, Spejcher)
1:48 p.m. M 800 FINAL (Kieran Taylor)
2:54 p.m. M 110H FINAL (Gilbert, Lewis-Banks, Spejcher)

Jamaica Championships (CT) | June 23-26 | Live results:

Thursday | June 23

5:35 p.m. M 400H Prelims Devontie Archer, Kemar Mowatt

Friday | June 24

5:05 p.m. M 400 Prelims Jeremy Farr
8:08 p.m. M 400H FINAL (Devontie Archer, Kemar Mowatt)

Saturday | June 25

4:50 p.m. M Long Jump FINAL Ryan Brown
6:55 p.m. M 400 Semis (Jeremy Farr)

Sunday | June 26

4:30 p.m. M Triple Jump FINAL Ryan Brown
4:35 p.m. M 110 Hurdles Prelims Phillip Lemonious, Omar McLeod
5:40 p.m. M 400 FINAL (Jeremy Farr)
6:35 p.m. M 110 Hurdles FINAL (Phillip Lemonious, Omar McLeod)