Field Goals Attempted


RankField Goal AttemptsPlayerDate
130Dean Tolson vs. TCU02/12/72
229Martin Terry vs. SMU01/30/73
229Terry Day at Oklahoma12/01/57
428Pat Bradley vs. North Texas12/30/98
428Ronnie Garner at SMU03/02/60
627Courtney Fortson at Vanderbilt03/08/09
627Martin Terry at TCU02/20/73
826Courtney Fortson at Mississippi State01/14/10
826Todd Day at LSU01/11/92
826Darrell Walker vs. Alabama State12/15/82
RankField Goal AttemptsPlayerYear
1586Todd Day1991
2515Corliss Williamson1995
3508Martin Terry1973
4486Ron Brewer1978
5484Joe Kleine1985
6483Todd Day1990
7477#Jaylen Barford2018
8466Bobby Portis2015
9460Marvin Delph1977
10454Martin Terry1972
# Led the SEC
RankField Goal AttemptsPlayerYears
11,744Todd Day1989-92
21,460Lee Mayberry1989-92
31,440Marvin Delph1975-78
41,412Pat Bradley1996-99
51,318Scotty Thurman1993-95
61,223Scott Hastings1979-82
71,220Sidney Moncrief1976-79
81,216Kareem Reid1996-99
91,166Jonathon Modica2003-06
101,156Ron Huery1987-88, 90-91
SEC Game
RankField Goal AttemptsPlayerDate
127Courtney Fortson at Vanderbilt03/08/09
226Courtney Fortson at Mississippi State01/14/10
226Todd Day at LSU01/11/92
425Scotty Thurman vs. Ole Miss01/06/93
523Scotty Thurman at Alabama02/15/95
523Todd Day vs. Vanderbilt02/12/92
722Pat Bradley at Kentucky01/17/98
821Marshawn Powell vs. Vanderbilt02/27/10
821Mike Washington at LSU01/31/09
821Corliss Williamson at Mississippi State01/19/94
821Corliss Williamson vs. Kentucky03/12/94
SEC Season
RankField Goal AttemptsPlayerYear
1270Mason Jones2020
2261 #Jaylen Barford2018
3257Todd Day1992
4243Bobby Portis2015
5240Courtney Fortson2010
6229Sonny Weems2008
7226Pat Bradley1998
8225Ronnie Brewer2006
9224Anthlon Bell2016
10223Corliss Williamson1995
# Led the SEC
SEC Career
RankField Goal AttemptsPlayerYears
1695Pat Bradley1996-99
2666Jonathon Modica2003-06
3645Scotty Thurman1993-95
4573Ronnie Brewer2003-06
5567Marshawn Powell2010-13
6545Kareem Reid1996-99
7540Corliss Williamson1993-95
8524Eric Ferguson2003-06
9509Anthlon Bell2013-16
10506Derek Hood1996-99