Nolan Richardson Court: The Details

Nolan Richardson Court at Bud Walton Arena blends the classic and unmistakable look of the Arkansas Razorbacks, pays homage to the program’s unique relationship with the state, while paying tribute to its Hall of Fame and national championship winning namesake and his style of play.

The design combines elements of both the current and classic Razorback identity, with the signature of the man who led Arkansas to unprecedented success in men’s basketball.

Classic Razorback
The Classic Razorback is the centerpiece of the new floor design. Measuring 10 feet and 3 inches tall and 23 feet and nine inches long, the signature Razorback showcases Nolan Richardson Court at Bud Walton Arena in a way to make it clear to those watching on television throughout the nation and around the world that this is the University of Arkansas – the Home of the Razorbacks.

Outline of the State of Arkansas
The Razorbacks represent more than just the University of Arkansas – they represent an entire state. We are ONE state rallied around ONE Razorback. In recognition of that special relationship, a darker wood stain, at the center of the court, depicts an outline of the state of Arkansas. The specially designed outline measures 26.5 feet high and 32 feet long, at its widest point, and encompasses the Classic Razorback featured at midcourt.

Nolan Richardson Court
In a tribute to Hall of Famer and former Arkansas head men’s basketball coach, the court features two customized logos in celebration of the naming of Nolan Richardson Court. The logos, measuring 6 feet high and 10 feet long, feature Coach Richardson’s original signature as well as a Slobbering Hog logo. One logo is located near the home bench on the north side of the court while the second logo is located opposite the visitor bench on the south side of the court near the TV Broadcast table.

Slobbering Hog
The Slobbering Hog Logo was previously at midcourt of Barnhill Arena and Bud Walton Arena and became synonymous with Coach Richardson’s signature “40 Minutes of Hell” style of play during Coach Richardson’s 17-year tenure at the University of Arkansas. A Slobbering Hog is included in each of the Nolan Richardson Court logos.

SEC Logos
Both lanes include a cardinal Southeastern Conference logo measuring four feet and six inches high by four feet and six inches long. Arkansas joined the SEC in men’s and women’s basketball in the 1991-92 season, after previously competing in the Southwest Conference.

3 Point Arcs
Nolan Richardson Court includes a pair of three-point arcs with a 22 feet, 1.75 inches arc for men’s basketball and a 20 feet, 9 inches arc for women’s basketball. The area inside the women’s three-point arc, including the lane, is accented by a darker stained wood.

Bud Walton Arena Commemoration
Located just below the basket in the lane on the west end of the court is a special on court marking commemorating the first dunk in Bud Walton Arena. The dunk was made on a temporary goal by the arena’s namesake, Bud Walton, as part of special groundbreaking ceremonies on October 23, 1991. The marking has been a part of every court since Bud Walton Arena opened in 1993.


Nolan Richardson Court features the wordmarks “Arkansas” on the west baseline and “Razorbacks” on the east baseline. The wordmarks are in the customized Razorback font.