Defense Dominates, Arkansas Overpowers Ole Miss, 33-21

10:09, Q1: NO FURTHER! Hogs with the goal line stand! Jalen Catalon scoops it up and Arkansas takes over!

8:09, Q1: There goes that man! Franks throws one to Burks in the flat, and Treylon turned on the jets to get 55 yards!

5:54, Q1: TOUCHDOWN, ARKANSAS! Welcome back, Rakeem Boyd! He punches it in from a yard out to give the Hogs the lead!

3:34, Q1: DOWN HE GOES! Grant Morgan gets Corral, and the Hog defense holds again!

13:25, Q2: PICKED! Hudson Clark with the INT to give Arkansas the ball back!

10:55, Q2: Up & Good! Arkansas takes a 10-point lead!

10:50, Q2: HOUSE CALL! Catalon picks off Corral and goes the distance!

1:46, Q2: Three more! AJ Reed is 2-2 on the day.

10:43, Q3: BEND BUT DON’T BREAK! The defense does it again, stonewalling Ole Miss on fourth and inches at the goal line!

4:25, Q3: JUST. RIDICULOUS. The defense stands tall again, as Gregg Brooks, Jr. picks off Corral!

0:47, Q3: CLARK AGAIN! The walk-on is having a DAY, picking off Corral for the second time!

7:48, Q4: TOUCHDOWN, ARKANSAS!! HOW, Treylon Burks?!! He holds on, and extends the Hog lead!

3:25, Q4: PUT IT ON ICE! Grant Morgan with the pick-six to seal the deal!!

1:41, Q4: Icing on the cake!! Hudson with the Hat Trick!