Arkansas Falls To LSU, 27-24

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas narrowly fell at home to LSU, 27-24.

3:57, Q1: TOUCHDOWN, ARKANSAS! Franks to Burks to give Arkansas the early lead!

8:23, Q2: We’ll take that! Slusher picks up the loose ball, and Arkansas takes over!

4:21, Q2: Goin’ DEEP! Franks to Woods gets the Hogs into LSU territory!

3:51, Q2: FRANKS DOES IT HIMSELF! Hogs get back to within three!

1:42, Q3: A PERFECT Throw! Franks finds Woods deep AGAIN, and the Hogs are on the door step!

1:11, Q3: HOGS LEAD! Trelon Smith punches it in!

0:06, Q3: Franks can’t miss! This time, he goes deep to TJ Hammonds to end the third!

12:51, Q4: It’s Good! Arkansas goes up four following the 22-yard field goal from AJ Reed!