Episode 67: Jake Bequette

For most football players, making it to the NFL is the high point of their careers. Then again, Jake Bequette isn’t like most football players. Sure, his football life reads like a movie script: He was a third generation Razorback from Little Rock who ended up playing a vital role on teams that went 21-5 over a two-year stretch. And perhaps the program’s biggest win in the SEC era — against LSU to clinch a Sugar Bowl berth — came in his hometown, in the stadium where he played in high school. He topped off his Razorback career by getting drafted by the most successful NFL franchise of the past two decades — the New England Patriots. But his four-year NFL career was marred by injuries, and when he retired in 2015, he knew what he wanted to do: join the Army. And it’s been the culmination of a longtime goal for Bequette, who has completed Ranger School and served a tour in Iraq as a First Lieutenant in the 101st Airborne Division. While many Razorback fans will remember what he did on the field, Bequette hopes to one day be known for serving a greater purpose.