Information For Recruits & Parents

Information For Recruits & Parents
Applying for Admission


Step 1: Complete and submit the online application for admission.

Step 2: Have your official high school transcripts showing class rank, cumulative grade point average, and courses taken sent to the Office of Admissions. Make sure to review our High School Requirements.

            Office of Admissions

232 Silas H. Hunt

1 University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Step 3: Have your ACT and/or SAT test scores sent to the University of Arkansas (ACT-0144 and SAT-6866) or mailed to the Office of Admissions.

Step 4: You may use this online Application Checklist to make sure you are staying on track


NCAA Eligibility 


Step 1: NCAA college-bound student-athletes need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Step 2: The NCAA Eligibility Center needs your official transcripts. Ask your high school counselor to upload an official in-progress transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center, as well as an official final transcript, with proof of graduation, upon completion of your last semester.

Step 3: The NCAA Eligibility Center needs your ACT/SAT scores. Remember to list the NCAA Eligibility Center (code 9999) as a score recipient whenever you take a test.

Step 4: Don’t forget to request final amateurism certification. Mid-term enrollees can request final amateurism certification beginning October 1 and fall enrollees beginning April 1.




Freshmen football student-athletes are required to live in the Northwest Quad. You will be sharing one of the “Quad’s” three and four bedroom suites with other football student-athletes. Three and four bedroom suites have two bathrooms per unit.


Single Room Features:

– Full Bed (54″ x 80″) – queen size sheets will fit

– Desk (69″ x 39″ x 32″)

– Desk Chair (23″ x 21″ x 33″)

– Wardrobe (36″ x 22″ x 67″)

– Chest of Drawers (16″ x 22″ x 30″)

– Window with blinds (37″ W x 57″ H)

– Bedrooms are approximately 10’6″ deep and 9’10” wide

– Cable TV and Ethernet connections

There is a shared common in each of the three or four bedroom units. Consider bringing a TV, Mini-refrigerator, and/or Microwave as one will not be provided to you.

An on-campus Walmart store is located at the north corner of the Garland Center just across the street. Be sure to take advantage of Walmart’s online ordering system and free in-store pickup at this convenient location.


How much is the application fee?

There is a $40 application fee for in-state applicants ($50 fee for out-of-state) which can be paid by credit card when using the online application for or by forwarding a check or money order to the Office of Admissions.

Which orientation do I need to attend?

Football student-athletes arriving in the fall semester will need to sign-up to attend orientation in either June or August (preferably June). Students entering at mid-term will attend the January orientation. For more information on dates and how to sign-up click here.


When will I sign-up for classes?

Incoming football student-athletes arriving for a summer session will be enrolled in courses by a football academic advisor. Otherwise, you will enroll at orientation.


How much is the housing fee?

Scholarship football student-athletes get $200 of the $240 fee covered, leaving just the $40 not covered to be paid. Walk-ons will be responsible for the full $240.


Which meal plan do I need to select?

Scholarship football student-athletes should opt into the “Unlimited Meal Plan.” Walk-ons need to select a plan that will cover at least 10 meals per week.


When do I purchase my parking permit?

Incoming football student-athletes will need to purchase and pick-up a parking permit.


As a student-athlete will I receive tickets to the games?

Every football student-athlete receives 4 tickets to all home games.  Only the football student-athletes on the 70-man travel roster receive tickets (4) to road games. Additionally, as a student-athlete, you receive admission via a “player pass list” to any other University of Arkansas home sporting event.


I already registered or I already took the ACT/SAT without listing the codes for either the University of Arkansas or NCAA Eligibility Center as a score recipient. 


Log in to College Board’s website.

Use code 6866 to select the University of Arkansas and the code 9999 to select the NCAA Eligibility Center as a score recipient. You can do this before or after you register for the test.


Log in to the ACT website.

Use code 0144 to select the University of Arkansas and the code 9999 to select the NCAA Eligibility Center as a score recipient.