Pittman's Offensive Lines Allow Fewest Sacks

A recent article by CoachingSearch.com highlights Arkansas offensive line coach Sam Pittman and how solid his offensive lines have been at protecting the quarterback in the past few years.

Taking into account the number of pass attempts, Pittman’s offensive lines have allowed the fewest sacks of any offensive line coach in the nation since 2012. In the past three seasons, Pittman’s units have allowed just one sack allowed for every 37.9 pass attempts.

Offensive Line Coach (2012-14) Sacks Allowed Pass Attempts Passes/Sack
Sam Pittman (Arkansas, Tennessee) 30 1,137 37.9
Denver Johnson (Tulsa) 43 1,381 32.1
John Latina (Duke) 49 1,494 30.5
Lee Hays (Texas Tech, Houston) 64 1,864 29.1
Mike Simmonds (North Texas) 40 1,108 27.7

In each of the past three seasons, a Pittman-coached offensive line has led the SEC in fewest sacks allowed. The 2014 Razorbacks allowed just 1.08 sacks per game while Arkansas allowed 0.67 sacks per game in 2013. In 2012, Pittman coached the Tennessee offensive line that led the SEC with just 0.67 sacks allowed per game.

You can read the full article here.